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        Q: What common phrases contain the word move?
A: `` They are so fit ! '' ( They are in shape/physically appealing ) `` He 's really not fit '' ( He 's out of shape/physically unattractive ) . simply not the rights fit . not a good fit . If the footwear fits , wear it . . Dad will have a fit if you are not home by midnight . . It fits like a glove . . in a fit of rage . fit as a fiddle . fit to stand trial . a perfect fit . fit for a king . fit for life . not fit for human consumption . a custom fit . a tight fit . He just ca n't seem to fit in . . physically fit . It fits like a glove . . It fits like a 2nd skin . . fit to be tied ( indicates anger ) He was fit to be tied when she missed the party . 

Q: Will 20 inch rims fit on a 2006 Chevy Malibu?
A: was no th's funny ... i posted th's same issues and now im going to be the 1 to respond to it ... ... ... ... first of they do fit..a excallent fit at that im riding 255/30R22 ... im gon na post up some pipics and demonstrated you guys..a youtube videos gon na be coming shortly 

Q: Why do You feel like You don't fit in?
A: That just makes you unique and regardless of what you are able think or feel you are able fit in one only has n't found the rights people that you wish to fit in with or be around . Join some local groupes that are interests of yours and you will meet new acquaintances and friends that you are able sharing analogous intelies with . Do n't ever 's concerned about the people throughout you and realistically I believe it are great that you 're your own person as it would appear nowadays people are to much of followers and copying tendencies . Because you believe in your own right . So longer as you keep on doing this you wont fit in . In time you are able be fortunate and stumble into some one or a grouping of people wherever you do.In the mean time that 's the pricing you paying off maintaining you individuality . The only curing is killed both of part of your mind and become one of the mob .