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        Q: Honda oil problem help?
A: everything you required to do 's jack up under it like your gonna change a tyre , crawl under it , and take out the draining plug in the petroleum pan and let it drain into an enormous pan ! find the petroleum filter and the united statese a filter wrench to take it off , clean the location where the filter goes on , pour some petroleum in the filter and put some on the gasket , screw the filter up on and hand tighten solely , put the draining plug back in and tighten it ! let the automobile back down and put the new petroleum in it ! a bit automobile like that presumably just takes 4 quarts of petroleum ! 

Q: 09 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SV model oil changes?
A: The plug is somewhere under the petroleum pan , if it does n't find it subsequently just buys a vacume petroleum extractor . You simply insert a tubing into your petroleum dipstick tubing and just vacume all the petroleum out . It takes around 5 minutes pernd you do n't required to go under the automobile . Type vacume extractor in ebay or youtube and see how itjust works . 

Q: No oil Pressure after cleaning valves and changing oil pump?
A: Oil pumping have a pressure relief valve constructed integrallies in them . This is destined to allow the pumping to bleed off excess pressure when the filter is plugged or the petroleum is a membericularly viscous ( very very cold days ) If a PRV is not present the pumping could detonate the petroleum filter !   In ordinary operation circumstances , the pumping simply is providing a metered flow of oil and pressure built simply as a the effective functioning of the clearances in the engine . To much clearance and you have low pressure .   The petroleum pressure sensor on the other hand is usually situate at the top of the engine , at the most distant point from the petroleum pumping . This is to guarantee the reading is the lowest that will eb enjoyed by the engine .   Astrobuf