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        Q: What stone do you use to evolve riolu?
A: riolu dosent need a stone only increase it intell its lv46 that is what level mine evolved at . 

Q: In Pokemon emerald what Pokemon evolves with a moon stone?
A: Vulpix evolves into Ninetales with using a FireStone on Vulpix . To catch a Vulpix , get a few Great or Ultra Balls . Go to and in Mt . Pyre , is passing through the exiting on left hand , go up to the grass and walking around in the grass for a small whilst and you got to find a Vulpix . To get a FireStone , catch a bunch of Corsola at the water by the P ( okemon ) C ( enter ) with a super rod , and when you have 5-12 Corsola , go to your box-pokemon-holder-thing and the united statese Move Items , and finding a Red Shard , go to the guy that trades Shards for Stones by Mossdeep City and trading the shard . TAH-DAHHH ! ! 

Q: What were the disadvantages of the stone age?
A: people learned to polish stones to make instrument like saws and drills.people also learned to make fire .