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        Q: How have fireworks changed?
A: In particular , fireworks are n't truly a chemical changing -not if it 's not being shoo-ted into the air ! You see , when detonated into the air , heated is added on it so when it 's in the air , it will eventually detonate turning it into ashes . 

Q: Where should i buy fireworks?
A: California 's Safe and Sane rules was rather difficult to find but , yeah , any firework that shoots flaming balls does NOT decline under safe and sane rules .    Safe and Sane relates to any fireworks not in the `` hazardous fireworks '' or `` exempted fireworks '' categories . To qualify as hazardous fireworks :   12505 . Dangerous fireworks  ( 1 ) `` Dangerous fireworks '' includes all of the next one :  ( a ) Any fireworks which contains any of the next one :  ( 1 ) Arsenic sulphide , arsenates , or arsenites .  ( 2 ) Boron  ( 3 ) Chlorates , with the exception :  ( A ) In coloured smoke mixture in which an equal or better  amount of sodium bicarbonate is contained .  ( B ) In caps and party poppers .  ( C ) In those little items ( such as ground spinners ) wherein  the total powder content does not surpass 4 grams of which  not larger than fifteen % ( or 600 milligrams ) is potassium ,  sodium , or barium chlorates .  ( 4 ) Gallates or Gallic acid .  ( 5 ) Magnesium ( magnesium-aluminum alloys , called magnalium ,  is permissible ) .  ( six ) Mercury salts .  ( 7 ) Phosphorus ( red or white except that red phosphorous is  permissible in capping and party poppers ) .  ( 8 ) Picrate or picric acid .  ( nine ) Thiocyanates .  ( 10 ) Titanium , with the exception in particle sized larger than 100-mesh .  ( eleven ) Zirconium .  ( b ) Firecrackers .  ( c ) Skyrockets and missiles , including all devices which employ any  combustible or explosives material and which further increase the air during  discharge .  ( d ) Roman candles , including all devices which discharge balls of fire into  the air .  ( e ) Chasers , including all devices which dart or travel about the surface area of  the ground during discharge .  ( f ) Sparklers more than ten inches in length or one-quarter of one inch in  diameter .  ( g ) All fireworks destined and the intentionioned by the maker creation the  components of surprise upon the u.s.er . These items include , but that 's not restricted  to , autofoolers , cigarette loads , exploding golf balls , and trick matches .  ( h ) Fireworks otherwise known as devil-on-the-walk , or any other fireworks which  explodes through methods of friction , unless otherwise categorized by the  State Fire Marshal in accordance with this a member .  ( i ) Torpedoes of every kind which explode on influence .  ( j ) Fireworks kits .  8  ( k ) Such other fireoperating investigated and tested by the State Fire Marshal  and discouragingmined by him , under the guidance of the State Board of Fire Services  to possess particularities of designing or construction which make such  fireworks dangerous for employed by every person not specifically skilled or training in  the u.s.ed of fireis working . 

Q: Are firecrackers/fireworks legal in California?
A: Delaware Fireworks Laws : CONSUMER FIREWORKS :  Specifically Permitted- No consumer fireworks is permissible in Delaware .  Specifically Prohibited - All consumer fireworks are proscribed Delaware .   DISPLAY FIREWORKS  Display Permit - Apply to State Fire Marshal at the very least thirty days before displaying dated .  Insurance - Required one million dollars minimal  Operator - License requires . Submit application to State Fire Marshal . Written exam requires . Operator is required to at the very least twenty-1 years of age , age 18 for assistants . License valid one year . Renew per year .   Pennsylvania Fireworks Laws : CONSUMER FIREWORKS :  Specifically Permitted - Sparklers , toy pistols , or another devices in which paper capping 's use which contains .25 grains or less of explosives compound , and are constructed so the hand were not able have entered into touch with the cap when in place for the explosion . Also allowed are toy cannons which operates on the principles contained in mixing calcium carbide , weighting less that 1/10th ounce and water in the reservoir of the cannon , and in which ignition outcome upregarding the establishment of a spark .  Specifically Prohibited - Any flammable or explosives composition preparations for the objectives of production of a notificationable or an audible effect by burning , blast , deflagration or explosion . This includes , but that 's not is compelled to , firecrackers , skyrockets , roman candles , aerial fireworks , or another fireworks of like construction , and any fireworks contains any explosives or combustible compound .   DISPLAY FIREWORKS  Display Permit - Apply to local governments , in write , at the very least 15 days in advance .   Business entity perform , providing or overseeing fireworks displayed or expositions for profit must register annually with the Attorney General .  Insurance - Required , in amount deemed sufficient by local AHJ .  Operator - No licensing specially necessary in state laws .   Maryland Fireworks Laws : CONSUMER FIREWORKS :  Specifically Permitted - Sparklers containing no chlorate or perchlorates , ground based sparkling devices that are non-aerial non-explosive , and are labeled in accordance with the conditions necessary of CPSC . Paper wrapped snappers containing lower than 3/100 grains of explosives composition , and serpents that contains no mercury and 're not be governed by DOT . Note : retailers are required to submit products for test and approved to State Fire Marshal ’ s Office are before sale .   Specifically Prohibited - All others   CONSUMER FIREWORKS RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENTS  Only those wholesale/distributor the companies that register their products with the State Fire Marshal to be wholesaled/circulated in the state will be allowed to wholesale/distribute their products to retail outlets in Maryland . All retail outlets must be adjusted to the fire prevention codes for the state regarding ground based sparkling devices ( Title 29 , Department of State Police , Subtitle 06 , Fire Prevention Commission . ) Consumer fireworks been sickicit to retail or be utilized in Town of Ocean City ( Worcester County ) , Baltimore City , and the next one counties : Harford , Howard , Montgomery , and Prince George ’ s . Companies/individuals should contact local government for all other counties are before wholesaling/be circulated retail trade , or using consumer fireis working . The local government may be needed extra licences or fees .   Age to Purchase - sixteen Years