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        Q: What foods to syringe feed a sick rabbit?
A: Soak some pellets in water till these people are mush . This will give him the nutrition he is necessary for stay wholesome .  Canned pumpkin ( not pie filling ) 's also good , but not everyone rabbits like it . Apple sauce is also possible used , but not too much because of the sugar contents .   Ask your vet about getting some Critical Care . This is a food powder that you mix with water and syringe feed .   Instead of water you are able also use some child hydration drinks . These have electrolytes and other stuff to maintaining them hydrated . Make persuade there is no sugar added and attempt to get a flavor that your rabbit might like .   For the syringe , a 30 or 60 cc the first is best . It ought to have a bit tip so the food can get out readily . Give little amount different times per day , like 15-20 cc 4-6 times per day .   As he gets better , you are able reducing the amount you is granted to encourage it to eat on his own . You can also try putting some in a dish to see if he will eat it on his own . 

Q: Working models in physics.?
A: buy 2 syringe ( without the needle ) of different diameter ( one ought to be truly broader as compared with the other ) and a flexible hose . you are able use a medicinal syringe and the one u.s.ed in baking to put icing on cakes   connect the two open of the syringe ( where the needles ought to be and where the icing comes out ) with the flexible hose and safe it air tight with a twine or numerous rubber bands . again , make convinced it is air tight   connect the plunger of the two syringe , the first is pushed all the way in , while being the other is at hand the beginninging .   the syringe ought to behave so as when you press one plunger in , the other ought to be pushed out   now , if you use the smaller syringe to advance further the big syringe , you are able push heavier objets with minimum force . this situation is because the force raising as the area raising   P=F/A the force will be increased relative the the rised in region of the two pistons   such a principle utilized , in hydraulic jacks like lifters , cranes , bulldozers , etc ... 

Q: Why is a smaller syringe easier to move against the resistance i provided?
A: There has always some resistance at the points where the syringe plunger rubs on the syringe barrel . This resistance is directly proportional to the field of contact .   Smaller barrel syringes are far more compact and the united statesually simpler to use since their general surface area was lower , the region of contact between the syringe plunger and the syringe barrel 's also less .