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        Q: What should I bring for lunch?
A: food was no ' going to maintaining your feet from hurting , a well fitted footwear , as well as the feasible required for specialised fitting appliances , will assist till you 're employed to the work .  as for your broken and lunch , i should seek to find an energy bar of some kind & amp ; perhaps the same sort of drink like ensure , for your firstly break and you required to find out whis exactly the cafeteria/break room conveniences 're for anything further with respect to lunch , like is here a microwave for heat and a refrigerator for keeping fresh , etc ...   i co-operated on a trail crew for a ski resort in which we co-operated for ten hours like this , 1 10min break am , 1 lunch break of 30 min and the other afternoon break of 10 min . we ha to essentially pack a full meal for mid-day break and 2 lunches for another broken . works for 10 hours pert 10k ' hauling trees logging and branches , fertilizing and seeding , laying jute , etc been exceptionally back breaking and wearing/tiring . not hainvg suitable energy/nutritional and water was a dreadful danger . 

Q: What do English people eat for lunch?
A: They ate breakfast at 2:00 am ate lunch at 9:00am and ate dinner at 5:00pm 

Q: Would a coworker like you if in the past she said no to lunch but within the last weeks she has shown interest and finally had lunch with me and wants another lunch but shes limited talks since then?
A: I see no feasible way to respond to this issue . You could ask her if she likes you , but she may not know herself , and if she 's doing know she may not schoosing to say to you . I have noted a trend in women become states offended if they have to be said a man what they want . If a man has to be told what a woman likes or did n't like ( rather than the man reading her mind like he is assumed to do ) was later he has failure . The fact that she has accepted to have lunch again is also possible a good sign , but not necessarily .