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        Q: What is frequency used by GSM antenna?
A: GSM 900 potentially 1800 in large cities possibly even umts 2100 It is 900/1800 Mhz , source voltageplugregion.com /900/1800/2100 ( 3g ) /2300 ( 4g ) 

Q: What's the best base station cb antenna?
A: Firestik sells an indoor antenna objective at apartment dwelling CB'ers , the antenna is an IBA-5 you 're running about $ 60 if memory serves . You can go to there website and get a look at one . I have used 102 '' steel whips they run about $ 25 from radio shack on the balcony . If you go with a 102 '' steel whipping I would run a good ground wire to a cold water piping or buy a ground plane kit for it . Check out the local lorry stops , they have all sorts of goodies for CB radio in there . You can use mirroring antenna mountings to put your antenna on about anything . Just remember ground that sucker , it will truly assistance with SWR 's and assistance keep interference out of your neighbors television sets . Also if you 're running any type of amplifier make persuade the antenna is as far off from you and any pets as achievable . Good luck with the installation . 

Q: How do you make a CB base station antenna?
A: There are no `` lower profile '' CB basis station antennas  that would not be at the very least somewhat perceptible .    Since CB 's in the 11-meter band , a quarter wavelength  is around 2.75m ( or 108 inches , or 9 feet ) .    The littlest CB basis station antenna would be a quarter-wave vertical ,  with quarter-wave radials at the bottom .  Such antennas is extremely evident from some distance is .   A plain fiberglass vertical without radials 's a lot of money less perceptible  than anything with radials , but the majority or all of these are half-wave ,  instead of quarter-wave , so these people are approximately twice as tall .    One feasible option open a top-grade portable magnet-mount base-loaded whipping  on as huge a sheet of steel as is feasible to accommodated  where the antenna is placed .   K40 and Wilson are the two bestest ; these people are almost equals in performance ,  but subject to very strong one-but-not-the-other views , as in a feud .   If your ceiling is high sufficiently , you are able use a magnet-mount antenna  on top of a fridge .  [ Keep in mind that any antenna will work much more outdoors than indoors . ]    One or two very good basis station antennas for CB  in fact are also amateur antennas .   Universal Radio ( www.universal-radio.com , or call 800 431 3939 )  offers the Solarcon A99 ( order # 1001 , $ 79.95 )  10 - to - 17 metres one-half wave over quarter wave vertical ( 17.75 feet tall )  and the optional GPK1 ( order # 2490 , $ 58.95 ) ground plane radial kit .    & gt ; I 've been a customer of Universal Radio since 1993 .  Good company dealing here with . They have n't got the everything ,  but they are aware of what is what with the things they do have .