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        Q: Where did the haida live?
A: The Chinook are Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest regions across the United States . In the early 19th centuries , the Chinook peoples lived along the lower and mid Columbia River in modern-day Oregon and Washington . The Chinook tribes were those being faced by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805 on the lower Columbia . The Haida are an aboriginal nation of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America . The Haida territoires comprise the archipelago of the Queen Charlotte Islands , and southernern one-half of Prince of Wales Island in the southernernmost Alaska Panhandle , which is the house of a subgroup called the Kaigani Haida . Haida territoires lie in both Canada and the United States . 

Q: What were Haida traditions?
A: Wassail is a hot type of cider , which is generally served aroundthe holidays . It generally containing apple , cinnamon , sugar , and other personspices . 

Q: Where did the Chinook and Haida live?
A: The Hadia live cheifly on Queen Charlot island on the Northwestern coast of Canada . developed to settlements in the western coast .. so , the wealthy environment of the littoral region made it uneeded so the people to travel long distances in searching of foodstuffs . the haide people of queen charlotte islands began using dungout canoes to hunt sea mammals . following the adoption of a more '' sedentary '' way of living.. which implies a steady life , not having to advance further so much , the haida people which were people from siberia developed complicated issue political and economic structures , of labour , elaborated arts and archietectuep ; and characteristic societal institutions such as the `` POTLACH '' which 's like ceremonial events that transpired . so the HAIDA PEOPLE LIVED IN QUEEN CHARLOTE ! and how did they arrive here