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        Q: Does the thickness of the string matter when making string telephones?
A: Suppose we have a short , thin string for our highest note . There are THREE ways and means to lowered the pitching : reducing the tension on the string , lengthen the string , or use a thicker string . If the same thickness and 10sion of piano wire to be utilized across a piano as in the most senior octave , using the same tension , the duration of the string would have to DOUBLE for each descending octave ! This would lead to pianos of approximately 60-foot length ! ! ! The accept methods of lowering pitching is by ( a ) prolonging the string ( , such as in the case of a concert grand piano , of length nine feet or more ) , and ( b ) thickening of the string by coiling the lower strings with copper coiling . This constitutes an interesting point , with are comparatively simple answering ! Thanks ! Best , Fredrick Pritchard 

Q: How do you put the string back in your hoodie ?
A: the trick i 've learned was take like an enormous safety pin and put it on the end was later work it around , its simpler to push an enormous safety pin than a string in my opinions . you hold the end of the pin , bunch up the cloth , grab the other end of the pin on the other side of the scrunched cloth subsequently ease out the bunched up part on the the rest of the string and repetition . goes pretty faster : ) 

Q: How do you campaire Strings in java?
A: String is a pre-set class in Java . For example : String s = new String ( `` This is a string '' ) ; the variable s are currently a String object because it was proclaimed and initialized in the String class .