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        Q: How can you tell if your coffee is Arabica or Robusta?
A: Coffee is indigenous to East Africa . The Ethiopians have been drinking it for thousands of years . The Arabs taught to drink it from them . It was the Arabs who spread coffee-drinking over the world , together with Islam , following the times of Muhammad in the 7th century AD . The Crusaders picked up the habit from the Arabs as they were assassinating them during the Crusades , and brought back some coffee beans with them . Unfortunately , coffee does not growth well in the European climate , but the species of bean that produces the most beautiful taste coffee for drinking was named arabica becauses of such . Coffe culture truly to commence spread in Europe when the Ottoman Empire defeated much of Eastern and Central Europe in the fourteen00 's , the introduction of the aboriginals to the joys of coffee . The epicenter is Vienna . Coffee culture progressively spread over Europe from Vienna . In the middle 1900s , coffee manufacturer , in particular in the US , commencement adding greater and largest percentages of the cheaper robusta coffee beans to their blends . Few inhabitants of the US noticed , but the Europeans would have no-one of it , and stuck with the more expensive arabica beans . It was no unril the late 1960 's and 1970 's that inhabitants of the US commencement noticing that coffees charged Europe just tasted a entire lot better than the stuff sold in the US . They commencement importing more arabica beans , and requirements blconcludes with a higher concentration of arabica beans , Starbucks was important in introducing numerous Americans to the enormous various types of flavours feasible with arabica beans further increase various environments ... ... but it 's far away from the firstly or solely company doing this , just the enormousst . 

Q: Can coffee made from arabica coffee beans be 100% Colombian?\"?
A: Check it out :   http : //coffeebean.com/The-Coffee-Bean-Te ...   We have n't got the any of these around us . I 'm pretty convinced I 've been by/in one in other places , although . Could n't say to you what they do well . I 'm a Caribou Coffee fan , myself . But you 'll enjoy it , I am convinced ! 

Q: Where to buy green coffee bean capsules in Canada?
A: Make convinced u watch video befor eu buy any brand  http : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=ABORmbrO4WE