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        Q: How does an amino acid get its name?
A: The R groupes of amino acids cause the variance in amino acid . The R grouping is joined at the alpha carbon of amino acid . There are four grouping joined at one carbon , viz . an acid grouping -- COOH , and an amino grouping -- NH3 , one hydrogen and a functional grouping ( R grouping ) . Except R grouping all the groupes are same in every amino acid . So on the basis of R grouping i.e. , functional grouping , there occur divergences EITHER it is polar or non-polar character OR acidity or basicty . 

Q: What is an Amino Acid Derivative?
A: Ketogenic amino acid are amino acid that are able be degraded to yield Acetyl-CoA . The Acetyl-CoA formed is feasible to degraded totally through the TCA cycle to yield CO2 and H2O . It is also possible utilized for fatty acid synthesis .  Amino acid that are solely ketogenic include leucine and lysine . Others such as isoleucine phenylalanine tryptophan tyrosine and threonine are both ketogenic and glucogenic .   Note Glucogenic amino acid produce glucose on degradation . 

Q: What are the components of an amino acid?
A: the 3 amino acids are carbon , hydrogen and oxygenb those are the 3 amino acids