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        Q: Should I sell my blanket?
A: I promise , I 'm not was endeavouring to hurt your feelings -- - those is really cute blankets -- - but they look extraordinarily easy to make . They was just tie-blankets , right ? To me , this is the types of craft I could do myself , and it would is greater specifically applicable to somebody I had wished to give it to .   I presume it is dependent on how much you 're charging -- I mean , I could buy 2 scraps of fleece , and tie them together whilst watching Desperate Housewives without first having to 's concerned about defraying for shipping , and everything that , plus it would be made from the heart ... . so I 's seeing why these people are n't selling like hotcakes .   I wish you luck , and hope you find a bunch of purchasers . Perhaps try a flea market ? Or a falls craft fair ?  Or make the product a bit more initial -- give it a small something that no-one else can . 

Q: When do you use a horse blanket?
A: On Howrse , if you find a blanket subsequently the game will automatically use it on your horse during cold nights . In real life , rugging depending on the particular horse . My own Irish Sport Horse never wears a carpet , but gets additional hay in the areas during the coldest months which helps her produce heating from within as her body digests the food . Other horses may be required a carpet , in particular if these people are clipped . 

Q: To blanket or not to blanket?
A: Decide how wider and long you want the blanket to be was later cut the fabric 1 '' broader and longer .   Place the fabric , right-hand sides together and stitch around the perimeter , leaving about 6 '' opening .   Turn rights side out , stitch up the open , press and top stitch 1/4 '' around the blanket to assist in keep the seams from curling .   You should also stitch down and around the centers to maintaining the layers from blousings .