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        Q: 2000 Honda Accord window will not go up?
A: The firstly thing to be checked would be the switching that controls the regulator motor.You can jump it with a bit wire.Then move to the motor and put twelve volts to the motor using a battery charger to see if that was the problem.Also the window would have been able dis-engaged from the tracking . 

Q: How to fix drafty window?
A: you caulk it or cover it up with window movie ( plastic ) .i wouldnt caring what a leasing says when im defraying for the electric bill and tries to save money.on top of that your health 's more significant 

Q: How do I measure for replacement windows?
A: Measure the rough open sized both breadth and height . To prevent any alterations to the rough open , measurement and use the smallst dimension . The sized are subject to change if the rough open 're not precisely plumb and squares . If important variants , say 1/4 '' , occur the joint between the substitution window and the rough open may achieved a point where the joint is also possiblecome to huge for a appropriate caulk joint . The 1/4 '' is probably to little to worry with since the variation would circulate its self to 1/8 '' each side or from above to bottom but you you consideration should be given this as a possibility . Major diversions may have to be rectified in the rough open trim creation a plumb . square and consistent sized . The rough open is determined by the localisation of the present material to which you is anticipated to utilized for supporting and anchorage .  You also required to consider the method be utilised to anchor / fasten the windows into place . Typically the window will come with an attachment flange with utilized , to attach the window unit to the open frame . You wish to check the stance and sized of the attachment flange to verifyed it will cover the open and still have room to be installed the attachment screws . The window is sometimes project out from the exterior wall an inch or so if the mount flange utilized , . You should check the conditions of the open to verifyed the flange mounting method will works for your house . The sized and mounting conditions ought to be discussed and verifyed as being feasible with the window provider . If you 're need to order specific sized window units make certain your sized and demanding are fulfilled in that they will not be returnable . ( If you have sufficient windows being superseded it 's possible to get some providers to come to your house and do the measures designed to you . )  If you do not want the face of the window to project beyond the face of the siding , the mounting flange can usually be eliminated and the window is feasible to recessed into the open . The window will be required to be shimmed and made plumb are before fastening the window in place through the window frame in the window channels..  If you are planning to installing the windows yourself it is therefore recommended that you remove 's existing window unit in an out of the way localisation to verifyed all the requirements you will be handled with and to make certain you 're getting the appropriate dimensions . You will have to be installed a temporary plywood closing since sometimes it may take as much as 3 weeks be obtained your windows .