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        Q: How do you care for a banyan sapling? Ficus benghalisis?
A: Ficus trees have a reputation for being challenging since they drop leaves quite easily each time these people are resettled , including reresolve them from the shop to your home . The leaves is extremely sensitive to changess in light intensity and decreases inf when the light modifications .   Newer Ficus trees are rising in strong lighting therefore it always best to place them in front of your sunniest uncovered window . Even so , they still shed numerous leaves for a couple of weeks till they establish themselves in . Once these people are acclimatized to a particular localisation , they 'il be living for a very long time with small leaf losses . They do not do well in low lighting or under artificial lighting alone .   It 's the best not to repot a new Ficus tree till it has readapting to its new localisation and are perfectly potbound .   Water it thoroughly as briefly as the surface area of the soil feels dry to the touching . Fertilize monthly at one-half -strength .   Humidity 're not a problem for Ficus trees , but abrupt temperature modifications , in particular cold drafts , is feasible to . Be alerts for scale insects , mealybugs , and thrips .   I have written an article on the complete cacircle of Ficus trees that I will email for free to anyone who dispatches me a requesting .   wcreed @ HorticulturalHelp.com 

Q: What is the Ficus tree life span?
A: it is dependent on the species ... redwood oak The life span of a tree will be different relying on the specificspecies and other external factors . There some trees that will be increasedas old as hundred years and more like the oak tree . 

Q: Ficus tree toxic to cats?
A: Yes and no . They are poisonous in the same way that poisoning ivy is poisonous . The sap from the leaves will annoy the skin , throat , and stomach , and is very likely to cause the cat to vomiting or have diarrhoea . Uncorrected vomiting or diarrhea is feasible to lethal ( due to choking or dehydration ) , but the plant himself 're not deadly .