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        Q: Why diamonds are used to cut glassplates?
A: Diamond be extremely hard , but hard materials also tends to be fragile . You can scratch a hammer with a diamond , which shows that diamond is harsher than steel . However , if you hit the diamond with the hammer in the rights fashion , the diamond would have wishedly break.. Since diamonds is extremely difficult to cut , specific diamond bladed edges 's use to cut them . Diamonds are prepared using various various cut and forming methods . They is feasible to ruptured along natural planes of weakness in the the crystalline structure using a hammer and steel chisel . A diamond or laser is feasible to employed to make a scratch on the diamond , which is laterly ruptured with a hammer and steel chisel - a concept not unlike cutting glass . Saw blades impregnated with diamond dust on the cut edge and lasers is also possible employed to cut a diamond . Diamond powder utilized , to polish diamonds . 

Q: How diamond is being cut?
A: Given the appropriate environment , a diamond can cut anything , including another diamond . Share to : 

Q: How did they cut diamonds?
A: Other Diamonds . The diamonds that got messed up whenever they are endeavouring to cut them . Lasers is also possible utilized for places around the cutting process now , but not for the final cuttings and finish .