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        Q: How do you make heavy cream from milk?
A: It depending on what sort of recipe you 're usings . Never substitute cream for dairy when baking because cream has a far higher fat content than dairy , and it will throw the balancing of fats , sugars , protein , etc . off and possibly harm your results . In general , if you wish to be replaced cream for dairy in a cook recipe , that ought to be fine , you are able even like it better , in sauces , for instance , you will get a smoother mouth feel and an improvement tasting ( fat tastes good ) . I particularly like using cream rather than butter in mashed potatoes , it takes themetres away from huge to exceptional . 

Q: Is whole milk the same as full cream milk?
A: I did not know the science behind it , but from tasting , I would say definitely not . No , entire dairy is made from raw dairy . I know from the full cream dairy I have be purchased in Egypt , it is pasteurized as it is able going on for six months if not longer on the shelf , so that is a definitive variance . I wish I could buy entire dairy here ! 

Q: Why do you cook milk?
A: I always use my mamas breast dairy in my coffee . Its truly good in queso as well .