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        Q: Help with a Guitar strap?
A: Hello there ,   I believe a beaded strap like that will run you about $ 350 . Here is a connection where some available .   http : //www.etsy.com/shop/JuliaBristow   Also , this lady makes them . You can verify her website . She has a connection to contact her . My guess is her straps will run about the same .   http : //www.theguitarstraplady.net/links ... .   If you 're not prepared to drop some hundreds of on your guitar strap , here is some alternative ways . If you are aware anybody who does bead work , they have been able to make one for you . It is done on a beading loom . You could use a cloth guitar strap along the lines of an old Ace strap as the support and later 've got them stitch the finish loom beaded piece on to that . Also , there exist counterfeit beaded straps accessible for still less . These simply 've got the beaded designing printed into the fabric . You can find those at eBay .   http : //cgi.ebay.com/Levys-2-Southwest-Na ...   Later , 

Q: How do i make a guitar strap?
A: Jojo is corrects , you are able get a guitar strap at any music store on the face of the aeroplanet . ( well the USA anyhow )  You have three option for a strap . If your acoustic has two strap buttons on the body was later you are able buy any old standard guitar strap . If you solely 've got the one button right on the end of the body , you are able buy a strap with a string on one end to tie around the neck at the head stock .  http : //www.guitarcenter.com/item/expande ...    Or you are able buy a `` Martin '' Strap button . It is a small , velcroed strap that goes around the neck at the headstock and has a strap button on it so you are able use a ordinary strap .  http : //www.guitarcenter.com/Martin-Guita ...   or you are able buy a ordinary strap and get a piece of leather thong or a thick shoelace to put in one end of the strap and tie it to your guitar .   Oh , but jojo is wrong about needing to take your guitar in to make persuade the strap fits .  All guitar straps are adjustable , one sized fits all . 

Q: Where can i buy guitars straps?
A: Do n't i believe i made a fatal handmade strap , comprised of staples , duct-tape shop bag handles & amp ; rope all thrown together , it ruptured after around 2 hours mind you the bass in it 's damned heavy .  I forked up 10 quid & amp ; still 've got the strap i got over one year earlier