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        Q: Just found a turtle what should i feed it ?
A: some people feed it a small each day . others feed it a entire bunch was later doesnt feed it for per week . right thing to do is to feed sufficient pellets to be the sized of it 's head , and feed it every two days . they were able survive a long time without food . 

Q: How much should I feed my chickens?
A: If you want the eggs to was truly organic you will be required be purchased organic feed . I learnt the hard way that this really is n't worth the difficulty . I commencement buying organic feed so I could sell organic eggs . The only organic feed I managed to find is made by Blue Seal . Its approximately twice as costly as regular feed . Just as my hens were laying sufficiently eggs sold off the surplus my feed store was n't able get the organic feed . The reason was the feed mill was n't able get organic grain so they ha to stop making organic feed till they have been able to get a new supply . Now I feed Shur-Gain natural feeds to all my livestock . It just do n't haveny medicines or growth hormones . The only variance is that is n't true ensure the grain to be organicallies increased . 

Q: What type of yougurt can I feed my chickens?
A: You start out with chick starter for the firstly ten weeks . Medicated , or not 's your choice . After that moving forward to grower/finisher and sty on that till week eighteen , at th's time they were able is beginning to eat adult feed .   It is considerably more economical to buy chick food in the 50 pound bag was later in bags of 5 , and 10 . I '' m not convinced about the bag of 20 , you could do the math if they offer it to you . It could very potentially works for you be purchased a bag of foodstuffs , feed them it till it 's gone and later moving forward to the next type . It would n't hurt them if they ate it a week long , or less .   Also , take a look at the bags in your feed store . They may said anything various on them . I buy my feed at Agway , and that is n't true offer grower , just starter/grower the birds eat till you put them on adult feed . My birds continues to be alive and kicking .   Best wishes ,  Jamie/Rhoderunner