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        Q: Soda Bottle Water Rockets?
A: No-Bending-Required Door Stop  Ice Packs  Potpourri Holder - Cut the bottometres away from the bottle . Fill with pot pourri and cover the opening part with curtain lace and glue to the outside of the bottle . Cover the raw edges of the curtain lace with either ribbon or lace .  M & amp ; M lolly jar - Cut the mid from the bottle and maintain the upper and lower . Rejoin these ( with hot glue ) . Glue lace or ribbon or both to cover the join . Paint the lid or decorate with lace or ribbon .  Plastic Butterfly - Make a stencil using a piece of automobilesdboard in the forms of a butterfly , around 4x4inch or so . You trace the butterfly out onto the bottle and later you are able cut it out . Down the centers of the butterfly you are able bend it , so it has its arches . You subsequently can paint/design the butterfly in any colour of your choice . To stick them up , you are able use putty .  Ocean in a Bottle - Take 1/2 bottle of petroleum , one-half water . Add food colour and glitter . It is kind of cooling and was working well with smaller bottles for babies play games with .  Substitue Funnel  Substitute for Sand Bags  Bathtub Submarine  Small thingee holder  Slalom Course - Fill up in part with sand , and make a slalom course for your skateboarders , inliners , or for a bicycle rodeo .  Spray Pumps - Some bottles is feasible to fitted with a spraying pumping ( ala windex ) to spray a dilute latex painting mixing . Good for little projects , clean nozzle with clear-cut water and reusings .  Water balloon filler  Wind Socks  Pop Bottle Snowman  Yarn Holder  Plant / Seed starter  Decorative Containers  Make a Bank   and LOTS more at the connection . 

Q: Bottle cap stuck on bottle.?
A: Is it incorporated in your tongue ( is here blood ) or is it just suction-cupped in place ? If you are bleeding , see a doctors promptly ! If this is just suction holding it there , warm the cap ( and the air trapped within it ) to make it lose suction and falls off . It 's awkward , however , it 'll work only if you switched on the hot-water tap ( to a temperature that you 'd employed to wash your hands ) and hold your tongue out so the water can run over the cap . 

Q: How come when you put the cap on a bottle with water in it the water doesn't come out?
A: walmart sales crappy water bottles..the end