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        Q: How can I make this thing work?
A: The Hose Quick Release Clamp 's what 's called a cam-over-clamp .  In your image , the pivoting pin is less than the wire the linkages and when the handle is thrown toward the band of the clamp , it cams over and stays put .   The Hose/Pipe Jubilee Clip is a joint worm driving hose clamp .  The band of the clamp has slots that the worm shaft rides in .  When you turn the leader of the worm clock-wise , it tightens the prohibitiond .   The Quick Release seating post clamp 's another cam-over-clamp.This one has a knurled nut on one end that are able be adapted looser or tighter .   The Quick Release V-Insert Clamp is usually used on heavy responsibility lorry exhaust pipes .  Each of the pipes to to be linked have a flange on the link end .  There is a high temperature semi-solid compressible gasket that is placed between the two pipes being clamped . The V-Insert Clamp captures the flanges on the two pipes .  When the nut on the V-Insert Clamp is turned clock-wise , the clamp tightens and compresses the gasket , making for a secure leaking proof exhaust connection .   The Versi-Clamp has two ranges of diameter be chosen from by the choice of one of the two `` J '' shaped notches , on the rights side of the image .  On the thread part , on the rights side is a pin that mates with the `` J '' notch of your choice .  Turning the wing shaped other end of the thread section clock-wise , tightens the clamp .   Ben 

Q: What is clamp in science used for?
A: the u.s.ed of clamp is science is : Doctor Simon says that they 're wholesome . 

Q: What s the use of a clamp in science?
A: There are multiple types of clamps utilized in science : rubber tubing pinchclamps , screw clamps that hold laboratory apparatus in place , dissecting clamps , voltage clamps utilized in measuring cell membranepotentials , etc . Each has a various functioning and different use.It really are n't feasible to obviously answer your issues withoutknown the type of clamp you wish to are aware of .