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        Q: Which came first the Yoshi or the egg?
A: If your a Christian subsequently the bible are saying God engendered all the creatures . it just does n't said something about the creation of eggs . 

Q: Origin or creation of an egg?
A: \nThis 's a little bit of a leading issue - assumes that the egg 's already there and that it 's a chicken egg commenced its with ; subsequently you forced the next one answering : it came from a chicken.\n . \nHowever , because you offered none of these tidbits of information - there 'il be no way to respond to your issues without insulting the age old conundrum of `` which came first ; the chicken or the egg 

Q: What happens when you put raw egg in orange juice?
A: If you put a raw egg in vinegar , every day the shell will disolve increasingly . Finally , at the end of your experimentation , your egg should turn out rubbery , and kind of clear-cut . When I say clear-cut , I mean cloudy , but you are able still see the yolk . If you wish to see what will happen , do the experiment yourself , this is interesting ! Egg shells are made up of mainly calcium carbonate , which is a basis . Vinegar is diluted acetic acid . When you place the egg in the vinegar , the shell ( basis ) and the vinegar ( acid ) react , and the shell essentially dissolves away . What you 're left with is the thin membrane that separates the egg whites and yolk from the shell . That is the reason why the egg looks cloudy . The interiors of the egg continues to be intact , just like a regular raw egg . If the egg is brown , the egg will absorb the vinegar were thus arousing it to widen . After about seven2 hours , the egg will still look the same as 24 hours after you put it in . If you wish to have a little fun with it , try select it up with rubber gloves on . It got the same texture as a bit water balloon . Throw it in the sink and see what 's happening . ( The egg will burst , leaving a rubbery skin behind together with is utterly intact yolk . )