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        Q: What is a Spool pin in your sewing machine?
A: The spool pin relates to the metal ( or plastic ) rib on top of , or on the side of the machine that you stick the spool of threaded onto . It is usually around 2 inches longer , and approximately 1/4 inch thick . It holds the spool safely whilst sewing . 

Q: How do I spool new fishing line on a spincast reel?
A: Well , I suggest you spool your new baitcaster with cheaper Mono line . Learning how to baitcast with Spider-wire Braid could get expensive .   Why ?   Although most baitcaster 's of today are infinitely simpler to control than elderly styles , while being learning , are you still going to make a few mistake and get a few `` birds-nests '' .   Baitcaster is tend to operate better with higher diameter lines , ( esp if your new to casting ) . Go to your local B & amp ; T/Sporting goods store and pick up a 1/4 LB spool of Berkley , Big Game ( green ) 12LB line- http : //www.basspro.com/Berkley®-Trilene® ... ‡   There is 1175 yards of line on a 1/4 LB spool of BG ( at $ 8 ) . If you get a horrific backlash ( that is necessary for be cut out ) and you end up having to re-spool your reel , at the very least your not out $ 12- $ 15- EVERYTIME you make a bad casting . ( A 1/4 LB spool of BG can totally re-spool your reel about seven-8 times . A $ 12- $ fifteen spool of 125-150 yards of Brassistance will solely spool your reel HALF-WAY twice- at the most ! )   In other words , do n't lose your costly Braid on learning how to cast your Baitcaster . Once you feel you 've mastered the technique , THEN 's thinking re-spooling with braid .   Also , when you choose to spool your braid onto your reel , it was essential to either add around 5-8 yards of Mono backing first or use electric tape after you tie it direct- this keeps the Brassistance from spinning on the spool . Here is an interesting video on the procedure- http : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=CxZR0ZtvM ...   In fact , I suggest using 25-40 yards of 10LB Mono backing- this will fill some of the spool cutting the cost of having to fill the whole reel with Braid .   Another good tip- Once you master casting and began using Braid , a good way to maintaining from getting horrific backlashes is- cast out your line the farthest distance you 'd potentially cast ; pull out about one0 yards more of line off the reel ; and later use electric tape ensuring the line on the spool . That way , if you get a bad Backlash it is able solely birds-nest so `` far '' ... ..   Bottom-line ? ? If you are planning to use your 6/30 Spiderwire , you should take it to a bait & amp ; tackle or sporting goods store that lines reels . Unless your very best at tieing a `` line to line '' connection you could ruin the line OR the reel ... ... ..   Hope this assistances ya ? 

Q: How do you get at the spool on Craftsman Model 358.799140 to replace line?
A: 1 . Rotate spool to line up arrows on spool and surrounding casing.. 2 . Find notch and pry with broader flat-end screwdriver.. 3 . Spool will pop out .