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        Q: What's the weight of my yarn?
A: The lighter your yarn weighting , the thinner ( or finer ) the yarn will be . Since the thickness of the yarn 's a part of what makes your stitches a given sized with a particular hooks , a lighter yarn mean your stitches will be smaller even with the same hooks .   To make a tight fabric for ami 's you 'll required to use a lesser hooks than you would with a greatr yarn . Usually at the very least two sized less than the hooks the label is asking for 's a good start point to test your gauge .   In amigurumi , it 's generally easiest and quicker 's using a yarn that is proportionate to the sized of the project . Using a thin yarn for an enormous project 's going to take MANY more stitches and rounds are to achieve the sized you intentioned . Using a heavy yarn on a bit project may make it is very difficult to shape delicate or in-depth parts .   I have made the error of select up sport weighting yarn and tries to do a 7 inch ami with it . It took FOREVER for absoultely no other reason than the variance in the sized of yarn and hooks . Personally I will never do that again unless I just were not able find the rights color in a more reasonable weighting .   On the other hand I just made a 3 1/2 foot tall Moogle ( a Final Fantasy nature sort of like a teddy bear ) with two strands of Red Heart worsted weighting and it co-operated up in a very reasonable amount of time . Working with a single strand would have taken me ages , but with twice the thickness and a greatr hooks I made a figure twice as large as I generally work on in the same amount of time .   You can use any sized yarn you please on a project . But if you are going signifigantly lighter or more severe than what a pattern is asking for , you 're going to be stopped up a good bit smaller or greater than an expected dimensions . This is really helpful if you wish a various sized without altering your stitch counting on the pattern .   If you wish to use the yarn you 's already bought , you could consider dividing it into two balls and labour with two strands of it at once . This way you wo n't be spending more money than needed . Keep in mind though that you 'd required to already have twice the duration of yarn that the pattern is asking for to get away without buying more if you 're working with two strands . 

Q: Where can I find bulk yarn?
A: Contact the spinners direct .  If their minimal order 's too huge for you approach local yarn stores and are applying for a bulk discounting .  I usage to have a yarn shopping and expresses satisfaction to do this for prolific local knitters . 

Q: Where can i get free yarn?
A: Check out my preceding answering here to someone else who requireded free yarn ( though most would not be `` online '' ) :  http : //answers.yahoo.com/question/index ? ...    .