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        Q: What is the tensile strength of glass?
A: If you look at glass rods under a microscope you will see the surface has a lot of improprieties . When glass is put under a tensile stress the glass broken at the weakest link . The weakest link generally is present at one of these occlusions in the glass . Once the glass first began fracture in one spot , the rest of the rod broken promptly .   This is similar is trying toing to tear a piece of plastic wrap . It be extremely strong in 10sion till you put a slight small tear in the plastic . The plastic very readily tears at the spot you 've got a little cutting or tear at .   The glass does the same thing . In the making of the glass rods , some slices have a smoother micro surface subsequently others . Since it is impracticable to put a perfect tension axial loading on the glass rod , you 're pulling slightly harder on one side more than the another . The littlest occlusion on the glass surface will give the fracturing point for the glass .   This simply issues in tension forces on the glass . Of course if it 's in compression the occlusions would be futile and the glass compression forces is unsuccessfulure would were extremely closes between specimens 

Q: Can you put glass tile on the floor?
A: what you do is buy a glass cutter wich 's like a utility knife with a particular blade and later you scotch the glass slowley untill it is cut all the way through subsequently you use a fine tipped grinder to smooth the edges 

Q: How to fix a water damaged sub floor?
A: Sister the floor joists with 2X that is exactly under the present breadth . Run it through a table saw to get a somewhat reduction breadth . Use PL Premium Construction Adhesive and deck screws - preferably Torx # 20 to attach the sisters . The idea is to 've got the top of the sister be a genuine altitude for the new floor . 2X4s 're not utilized for sisters since they were not able sustain inflexibility side-to-side .   Your entire washroom sub-floor is some cobbled up sandwich mess of 1/2 and 1/4 You required to rip it all out . Get any pipe and/or electric work done/corrected whilst you 're in there . You also required to double-check and confirms the centers of all pipes and drains for new fixtures . For example , the new tub or bathroom draining may , in fact be at a somewhat various localisation than the old . If yes , i better had some pipe work to do before any sub-floor goes on .   Your new sub-floor is necessary for be 3/4 '' pressure treated or marine plywood . Put that on with self- drill Torx # 20 deck screws . Plain deck screw with Phillips heads will not work because on 3/4 '' flooring you 're screwing down into 2 5/8 '' of joist and they will either break or the Phillips head will ream . Nailing 's a bad idea . If you are planning to do ceramic flooring subsequently there exists also the backer board to examine .