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        Q: How old do you have to be to drink 5 hour energy?
A: Just try not staying up so late and go to bed . When you wake up eat a pleasant big bowl of cheerios and go for a walking . Proper remainder ( nine hours sleep for a twelve year old ) Good foodstuffs and a small exercising is everything you 'll required for energy .  All energy drinks 've got the potential killed both of you since they can result in your heart to beat very rapidlyer . 

Q: What are the best energy drinks?
A: Royal Energy Tea by Bee Royal Products . Green tea with loads of B vitamins . Read caffeine plus stabilised blood sugar ( B vitamins ) and recharged adrenals ( again B vitamins ) . Your adrenals 's what 's gives you they caffeine rush . When these people are depleted you need increasingly caffeine to get that rush . This 's why lots of caffeine drinkers have mid to narrow back pain ( this situation is wherever your adrenals are situate ) .   Oh and it also has a touching of fresh honey . It is perfect not to sweet and the honey takes away the bitterness of the green tea . 

Q: Should i drink energy drink on hangover?
A: Energy drink are beverages engendered to make people `` more energetic , concentrate , alerts , pleased and everything that '' . But the actuality here is that the majority of cases will NOT do that . I did a study on energy drinks , soft drinks and their energy production and none of the more popular passed the `` test '' . They allegedly make people energetic because the high mixture of caffeine and sugar with the other combining of creepy chemicals with creepy names making you allegedly have all the impactss cited before . But the actuality is that they will give you like several minutes of `` hyperactivity '' cause of all the sugar and caffeine taken and will give you the `` crash '' ( Physical and Mental Exhaustion ) for hours = NOT GOOD . The only energy drink shot that gave all the u.s.ers the quotationd sayings was the 5 hour energy drink . Alalthough if taken with overstatement will are damaging to the u.s.ers ( drinking two to four shots ) however , if taken as directed , it will be increased energy , focussing and stamina . I 've used it and really collaborated .   Hope it helped !