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        Q: Where can i find this rechargeable battery?
A: No , not everyone of whom were . I have some that are and thereforeme that are n't . Nany of them say so on the label ( I tell them apart by colour ) , so it is feasible yours are rechargeable but I doubt that they comes around with the laser .   If you wish to buy some rechargeable ones and a charger , these are the ones I have ( from that site , too ) :  http : //www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sk ...  http : //www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sk ... 

Q: Lead acid batteries in series?
A: 60 amp-hour is a measucircle of the energy stored in the battery . It means the battery can deliver 60 amps for one hour or 30 amps for two hours or 10 amps for 6 hours .   Max current would be into a short circuit , and it 's close to or over a thousands amps . But this will cause lots of smoke and flames as you melt whatever you 're using to make the short , and the battery begins to burn . Or explode . This is feasible to hazardous .   If you want max current that wo n't destroy the battery , look for a Cold Cranking Amps ( CCA rating is perhaps 400 amps . That is the current the battery is rated to be provided on a cold day to your starter . You will be required a enormous power resistor to cause this considerably current to flow . At 10 volts , and 400 amps , that is a 0.025 ohm resistor rated at 4000 watt .   . 

Q: Is sulfuric acids in batteries?
A: Yes it is you are able use that or Lead Acid for battery acid . Good question .