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        Q: Would an LED display burn my eyes, like LCD screens do?
A: First of everything , there really are no such thing as an `` LED screen . '' It 's a common misperception that the screen on an `` LED '' set is any various than an LCD set . It 's not -- they 're exactly the same .   The only variance between a traditional LCD set and and `` LED '' TV is the backlight . The former is lit by a fluorescent lamp , and the latter is lit by a bank of light emitting diodes . The screen for both shall be identical , an array of liquids crystal diodes .   So it 's improbable , if not impracticable that the impacts you 'll experience from an `` LED '' set is gonna be ay various than with an LCD set . 

Q: Is a 24\" lcd tv too small?
A: You could perhaps hook up a game console but you 'll need a way of getting the signalling from the console to the LCD screen . Some kind of adaptor are necessaryed and you 'll required to known the wiring scheme . You can presumably buy this in some sort of kit at Radio Shack or possibly even Best Buy . Though , it 's presumably not going to be priced effective . 

Q: Which is better LCD or TFT monitor???
A: WUXGA is 1920 x 1200  WXGA is 1280 x 800   the WUXGA has more pixels , which is in general better is , however , on a 15.4 '' screen , everything will by small . ( on a lcd screen such as with a notebook , you are able solely select the indigenous resolution ( the numbers above ) , other resolutions will be displayed fuzzy , so you truly got no choice but 's using the indigenous resolution )   personally I like something in the mid , ( 1440*900 ) which I believe is the rights sized for a 15.4 '' monitoring . some people think it is all too few , but nobody believe it was just too big .   the main added benefit of the WUXGA is the you are able watch 1080 HD video in full resolution . so if you 're planning on having a blu ray driving , I suggest getting WUXGA no matter what .   with WUXGA you are able always make most things appear larger such as when you 're typing in word or on the internet , but your desktop icons will be really little . if you are able dealt with that , I suggest WUXGA .