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        Q: Mountain bike gear problems / shifting?
A: Are you can move the derailleurs by pushing or pulling on them ? If not , the derailleurs are presumably confiscated up with rust or they are able even be bent up .   Did you attach the cables whilst the derailleurs were on the small rear cog/small chainring ? If not , loosen the cables , allow the bicycle to shift to the small cog/chainring combination ( they should automatically go the accurate stance when the cables are independentd ) , make persuaded that the front shifter is in `` 1 '' or `` L '' and the rear shifter 's at the highest numbers , and reattach the cables .   Have you attentively inspected the housing ? It is achievable that a piece of dwellings `` blew out '' and compresses when you move the shifter which wo n't allow the cable to pull . To verify this , keep the bike in little chainring/small gear combo , shift the lever ( without pedaling ) to the next gear , and feel along the duration of the housings . If you feel a bump in it , you have a blown out piece .   Did you install housing ferrules at the end of the housing ? There ought to be a bit `` cap '' called a ferrule at each end of each piece of the housings . If the first is missing or ruptured it will pull the housing entrails right through the frame bosses . 

Q: Motorcycle gears question?
A: 1 :  Helmet - full face , because you wish to keep ALL your very best looks  Jacket - with armour ( elbow , shoulder , back & amp ; CE approved ) , since these 's what 's hit ground first/ harshest + spine is important .  Gloves - hard to pick your nose with hand in cast/bandages .  Boots - keeps ankle , toes safe , keeps things from getting sprained by hyperextension ( this is not just about crushed , 's thinking how quick they were able get ground down when trapped between bicycle and sidewalk ) .  Pants - optional , relying on danger level of riding . Wish I could say to you it 's safer riding in city , but presumably solely if you lives in a one horse town . ( I wear mine primarily on long trips or if I 'm on a grouping ride with people that I did not know or have rep for crazy ) .  3 : Locker or rucksack  4 : Pick one of below -  a . They be accepted and parents do n't care  b . Over twenty-one and like the sense of `` freedom '' , have n't thought about a sense of full body casting .  c. Dose n't look `` cool '' , ( see above )  `` Chicks digging scars '' - there exist pics somewhere of lady who sanded off about one/2 a breast .  d. Gear can get warm during the summer - suggest 3 seasons type of gear ( truly no such thing a 4 seasons jacket , pants , etc . U will be required COLD weather gear for Chicago winters , possibly before ) 

Q: Can you start off in third gear?
A: yes there will infact cliffy B the creator of gears has already undersinuated a females nature for the 3rd gears of warfare and secondly Epics mark rein has said gears of war was intentioned to be a triology meaning 3 games Gears of war 3 willbe liberated April 8 , 2011 And it will have females characters . And yes it is a trilogy ( meaning 3 games ) , however , there will be other games . most liklely prequals , Before and on emergence day .