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        Q: How much money would I need to spend on solar panels & batteries to be able to consume 1,800 kwh per month?
A: If you average nine hours worked per day of peak equivalent sunshine , and we assumes that there exist thirty days in per month ,   nine h/day x thirty days x 1 kW = 270 kWh for a 1 kW array   and doubles that for a 2 kW array .   If you 're in the US , do be recognizing that there is no state in the country that even comes closes to 9 hours peak sunlight a day .   In Honolulu , due to high rebates and costss of electricality , you are able get such a system put on at essentially no charges , but you subsequently pay the solar company for the electricity generated , at a rate that is normally less than your ordinary bill . Or you are able purchased the system outright , and it will repay in an averaging of four years .   As a reference , our house is in San Jose , California , and it takes 3 kW of panels to produce 500 kWh a month , about equals to our electricity use .   With recent decline in panel prices , the costss of a system are currently heavily were affected by installation cost . The bestest thing is to check with some local installers and get free quotations . 

Q: How did the solar system get its name?
A: Our solar system are only called `` the Solar System '' . Our solar system are only called `` the Solar System '' . Our solar system are only called `` the Solar System '' . Our solar system are only called `` the Solar System '' . 

Q: What wattage solar panel do I need?
A: A `` characteristic house '' in America can use either electritown or gas to be supplied heating -- heating for the home , the hot water , the clothes drier and the stove/oven . If you were to power a house with solar electricity , you would certainly use gas appliances because solar electricity 's so expensive . This mean that what you would be powering with solar electricity are matters like the refrigerator , the lights , the compute­r , the TV , stereo equipment , automotives in things like oven fans and the 'sher , etc . Let 's say that all of those things average out to 600 watts on averaging . Over the course of 20-4 hours , you need 600 watts * 24 hours = 14,400 watt-hours worked per day .  From our computations and suppositions abo­ve , we known that a solar panel can produce seventy milliwatts per square inch * five hours = 350 milliwatt hours worked per day . Therefore you need around 41,000 squares inches of solar panel for the home . That 's a solar panel that the measurements around 285 squares feet ( about 20-six squares metre ) . That costs about $ 16,000 right now . Then , since the sun solely shines part of the time , you would require buying a battery banks , an inverter , etc. , and that is often doubles the cost of the installation .  If you wish to 've got a bit of a room air conditioner in your bedrooms , doubles all .