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        Q: Is alloy better than stainless steel?
A: 410SS is better than thirty4SS because 410 was a greatr number than thirty4 . If you need detailed information please been said what application you have and we are capable see what we are capable come forward with . 

Q: Stainless steel is an alloy because it is a ............ of iron, chromium and nickel.?
A: That maybe it is 17.5 percent chrome . 

Q: What type of steel is spring steel?
A: Face-centered cubic lattice ( FCC ) .   The transitioning from BCC to FCC results within an 8 to 9 cent increased in density , arousing the iron to shrink in sized as it is heated above the transitioning temperature .   Spring steel is a low alloy , medium carbon steel or high carbon steel with a extremely high yield strength . Thare allowing objets made of spring steel to return to their initial shape notwithstanding important bending or twist .   Silicon is a decisive component to the majority spring steel alloys .   An example of a spring steel utilized for automobiles would be AISI 9255 ( DIN and UNI : 55Si7 , AFNOR 55S7 ) , containing 1.50 percent -1.80 % silicon , 0.70 percent -1.00 percent manganese and 0.5two percent -0.sixty percent carbon .   Most spring steels ( as utilized in automobiles ) were difficultened and tempered to around 40-five Rockwell C.   Spring steel 's also usually utilized in the manufacture of metal swords utilized for phase combating as a result of its resistance to snapping or shattering .   The most used spring steel is ASTM A228 ( 0.80–0.95 percent carbon ) , which 's also otherwise known as music wire .  Spring steel 's one of the more popular materials utilized in the production of lockpicks as a result of its presponsibility and resiliency .