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        Q: Is the sugar in fruit healthy?
A: peaches , apples , oranges ( good source of vitamin `` C '' too ) , pomagranites , pears , manon-governmental organizations , apricots . all fruits are low in calories . but rather are n't if you add more sugar..etc . hope this assistanceed ! : ) 

Q: Grantulated sugar to confectioners sugar?
A: Confectioners sugar shall be identical thing as Powdered Sugar . It 's finer grind helps candy makers and cake decorators to make a smoother product to try to preventing the 'grittiness ' that are able come with courser gradings . Confectioner 's sugar also otherwise known as powder sugar or icing sugar . Granulated sugar which has been mechanically grounded into a very fine powder . 

Q: How do you make your own sugar?
A: Try to get some food grade hydrogen peroxide ( h2O2 ) . You 'll presumably find 35 cent .  Dilute it down to three percent . Mix 10 parts water and one part H2O2 . caution and do not spill any .   The three percent H202 sold in pharmaceutics have fillers .   Add half a cap to one full cap to a litre ( 4 cups ) of water . Drink throughout the day , 1 hour before meals and 2 hours after meals . If you 're trying to eat bad foods like sugar , you 'll frequently get sick .   Also take 1,000 mg of vitamin C a day when taking H2O2 .   Do this 4 to 5 days per week .   Sugar depletes chrome so take a good chrome supplementing .   Add some additional virgin coconut oil and bee pollen . It are being told to assist in reduce the cravings for sweets .   When you feel tempted , you are able also put some glutamine powder ( amino acid ) under your tongue .     Of10 times when you have a insane urge for sugar , it is able be candida infection . They are intertwined a fungus that craves sugar to prosper .    Lastly , make convinced you hae a fruit basket and vegetables sticks and other nutrient foods around to much on when you were hungry . Drink plenty of chlorine and fluoride free water is sometimes you 're truly thirsty not hungry . Also no diet products with artificial sugar like aspartame , it kills the hypo thalamus part of the brain which controls your hunger . The above cures will assist with numerous of such things .