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        Q: Is a 4 year old too young to have a tablet?
A: Yes . At her stages of development , it 's more significant that she spend a lot of time being active , playing , and communicating with other children her age . Much of their societal behavior is learned at this stage of their own lives , so it is significant that you do n't lose it .   If you just want her to have it so she can playing games and stuff was later get a tablet for yourself , and tell her that it is mommy 's tablet so she comprehends that you decide when she can and ca n't use it . If you just give it to her and let her claim it as her own , she will treat it as one of her toys and expect you to let her playing with it whenever and whenever she wished to . But she is necessary for known that this really is n't a toy ... and there 's certain periods where this is not proper for her 's using it . Distinguishing it as your own tablet that you are letting her borrow will assist her understanding this notion . Once she 's much older , you are able give her the tablet . But for now , she 's doing not need a entire tablet to herself . She is necessary for play around and learning how to socialize . It 's fine if you let her play some games or read or draw during downtime , however , it should n't be something that she has accessing to whenever she wished to it . 

Q: Which is better laptop or tablet PC?
A: This 's always been a zone of interest for numerous people , my opinioning on this situation is is compelled to examination of and views .   The hugest added benefit of a tablet is - light weighting , good battery life , rapid startup and later the capacity to browse the internet or watch a movie . They claim you are able use them for business or for schooling but the limitations on software and connectivity make this in the majority situations impracticable . The added benefit of a computer 's - well the capacity to calculate ! ! !   My viewing is that tablets work mainly due to the be concentrated on the unit really being a tablet - with light weighting OS and constrain spec 's to maintaining battery life as longer as achievable . The issuance with hybrid systems is that they never tick all the boxes - the software 's never quite as good as a real tablet .   My viewing here is straightforward - disregarding the tablet requirement I believe you will never to be finalizedly happy with the real result . But are concentrated on the lightness and rapid start-up ability taken together with good battery life . Seeing is the funds are no objection subsequently if I was in your shoes I would go for a very lightweight notebook with good battery life - and right now I think the apple air is the top choice , it 's a thin as a tablet and yet has the capacity to do most of your above requirements- gambling is also possible hard as it solely has a nvidia 320M . If your very pleased 's waiting 8 weeks apple may 've got the refresh out with sandy bridge . 

Q: How to choose the right tablet?
A: Having a windows 8 would be stylish , but so is the other one .