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        Q: How can you have solar panel home?
A: For solar thermal , its fairly easy . Build a flat metal box . ( about three '' - six '' deep ) I would reccommend a 5 ' - six ' minimal length ( measured by how far your water will flow within the panel , so as to enable for sufficient heating gain when your water is flowing .   Paint the surface area of the interior of your box a flat black .   At the top of the box installing a tubing to bring water into the box . Put little spay nozzles to evenly circulate water accross the surface at the top .   Make a colleciton basin at teh bottom of your box to coeect the water being sprayed at the top .   Get a clear-cut glass panel to cover your box and seal it as best as you are able .   Mount your solar thermal box at an proper angle facing the morning sun . Best panel orientation is dependent upon your geographjical localisation . You can search this for panel facing and altitude angle .   For bestest effectiveness you will have to tinker some . If your water flow was just too high you will not get the heating gain you desire . If you want a large volume flow you will be required to gang multiple panels and trickle your flow throughout each panel . The collective flow on all panels will get you your wishd flow rates .   If this situation is for a swim pooling subsequently you 're done . If this situation is for your home you now need a thermal storage , like a hot water tank .   You could pipe everything input water for you conventional water heater thorugh the accord detailed above . The heater can subsequently provide supplimental heating as required at night or cloudy days . Thgis will also give you a good thermallies insulated storage .   You can also add recirculation to maintaining the water in your hot water heater distributed thorugh the solar panel . This will assist keep your water sotrage at your wishd temperature . You can put a simple solar cell controlling on your distributed pumping to solely run it when the sun is up . A light sensor such as those the street lights use ...   Last to assist in improve effectiveness and dependskills in your panel you are able channel the water in your panel . for a trickle of water this could be done sy a simple brush of applying the thicker basis paintings whne you paint the interior of your box . The brush strokes will generate distributed chanels assistance is halt your water from aggregating and spreading it out helpingwith the heating transferring . Remember to solely brush up and down . Going side ot side will screw it up ...   Many other the formulation of anlternatives are avialable bu this , in my opinion ,s , is the easiest be achieved on your own .   I hope you find this assistanceful . I 've seen these work extremely well ... 

Q: What is a solar system In 2 sentence?
A: 1 ) I am learning about the solar system in schooling . 2 ) I would have liked to see the solar system ! . 3 ) Earth is an aeroplanet in the solar system . 4 ) The sun is the enormousst star in the solar system . 

Q: 1x1 square feet solar panel produce how much voltages and current?
A: My Father-in-Law ha about 300sqft of solar panels installed for the is equal to around £3000 or $ 5000 . These 's just the cheap and comparatively ineffective black plastic tubes that were installed on his roof . This was in South Africa where the labor rates was rather cheap . The system works ok and heats a 40ft x 20ft outdoor pooling to over thirtyC in the height of summer .   Rather than a pooling heater , I believe it maybe it is good to look at an air source heating pumping to assist in heat the water in Autumn/Winter when you do n't get sufficient sun to heat the pooling . These will be expensive ( over $ 5000 ) , but they will use lower than 30 % of the electricities , towns a standards electrical water heater .   Just the solar panels could cost you $ 15-20K including fitting .