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        Q: Medical applications of ultrasonic waves?
A: Visualizing internal organs ( sonograms ) , and broken off solid objets ( kidney stones ) . Share to : 

Q: Industrial application of ultrasonics?
A: industrial apps of ultrasonic waves : 1. ultrasonic welding 2. ultrasonic cleansings . 3. ultrasonic drill . 4. ultrasonic soldering . . +++ . 5 . Flaw detection in metals etc . . And many others if you stretch the term `` industrial to incorporate , say , medicinal ! 

Q: When did the sound waves first used?
A: With specific electronically driven crystals , it 's possible toproduce mechanical waves at any frequency up to a few billions Hertz ( cycles / second ) . If the sound waves go far beyond 20kHz ( themaximum humanely audible frequency ) these people are called ultrasonic waves . Becauses of suchir shortwavelength , ultrasonic waves is feasible to is focused onto little spheres andis feasible to imaged much as noticeable lighting . Ultrasonic waves penetratetissue and are strewn and absorbed within it . Using specializedtechniques called ultrasoundimaging , it 's possible to form noticeable images of ultrasonicreflections and absorptions . Therefore , structures within livingorganisms is feasible to investigated with ultrasonography , as with X-rays.Ultrasonic exams are safer than X-rays and often can offeras much info . In certain instances , such as in the exam of afetu.s. and the heart , ultrasonic methods is able to demonstrate motion , which isvery useful in such displayed . Here a couple of : Ultrasonic cleansing Ultrasonic motion detection Ultrasonic weld Ultrasonic sonography Ultrasonic communication Ultrasonic devastation Heart exams Pre-natal inquiry