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        Q: Hello, I have a Honda Accord that needs new tires so I was thinking if I could use the tires from another car?
A: Your two series of tyres are a various diameter .  17 inch tyres will not fit on a fifteen inch wheel .   Get another views on your one year old tires unless you an error occurred while mention the fact that you have excessive mileage already logged on the odometer . Check the tyre `` wear indictors '' also . Here is an image of a worn tyre and you are able note the 4 wear indictors between the treads . If these people are level with the tread subsequently it is time for new tyres .   http : //www.jaxquickfit.com.au/images/pir ...   Tires are destined to wear out and yours are no various other than the fact they offer greater rolling resistance and thus 're a little bit more pricey .  Tire , braking , fluids , and bulbs a couple of items not covered under your guarantee . 

Q: Buying Used Tires..................?
A: I think 260 dollars to finance a set of 4 utilized tyres was just too much . A friend of mine bought a set of utilized tyres for lower than 100 dollar pernd that was mounted and well-balanced . 

Q: I have a dodge Stratus 2004 SXT coupe, what kind of tires do I need?
A: Hello . I love your issue because I usage sold off tyres ! I have heard this one 1 billions times .   Quite simply , purchase what you are able afford .  Keep in mind that when you purchase tyres , you 're getting what you paid the price .   Lets say you have 1thousand dollars to be devoted on four tyres . You could purchased the top of the line tyres and be wasting lots of money for somethng you is not necessary .   Same goes for cheap ( politically correct- '' low-cost '' ) tires . If you purchase a 40 Dollar tyre , thats exactly what you 're getting . Do not expect it to last like a 250 Dollar tyre . ( Am I makin ' any sense here ? )   As far as brands ... just like everything else from clothes to shoes , there was hundreds out there ! In numerous instances you 're defraying for the brand and not necessarily the product . Many of the greatr tyre corporations own the smaller ones and the majority consumers did not know it . It is the same , company with the same products with different Brand named .   Best tyre ( views ! ! ) are presumably Michelins . Experience , not pride talking here .   Expensive , yes-a small , however , if you keep your wheel alignment in checking , rotate them routinely and oversee the pressure in them they will last as along because they are warrantied for . Some models warranty for 90,000 miles . You ca n't call this a cheap tyre , they were behind the guarantee too !   BUT Goodyear , Firestone , General , Uniroyal etc everyone has right products too , but the very best product you want , the more it cost .   Best guidance to you is call over and get some prices . See what it 's gon na is costingnd see what you wish to ( or can ) spend for your tyres . Please do n't forgotten to ask about warranties , mounting and balancing fees , an alignment . They may have quoted you 200 Bucks for 4 tyres however , when you get the final bill maybe it is $ 100 more since they did n't include the mount and balance charging in there . Some place charging a disposal fee for your old tyres as well . So get TOTAL estimations and do n't be frightened , ASK questions ! Work 'em over on the prices a small ( you would be flabbergasted what a tyre costs-wholesale ! ) , like a automobile salespeople , make them works for your enterprises .   Depconcluded on what you spend for your tyres , most road danger warranties worthy of their weighting in gold , consider the option ( or ask ) when you call over .   One last thing ( I know I 'm long winded but I get a lot of `` Best s '' in here ! )   PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT ! ! Tires 're not cheap . Get the most out of them . Have the alignment on your automobile inspected before , or when you get your tyres AND KEEP the reciept !   A bad alignment can ruin not one , but two tyres at a time ! Then you unwittingly rotate them and after whilst you got four bad tyres cause you moved the good ones from the back to the front where they are able start wearing improperly .  An alignment may cost 50 dollars or so , but consider the cost of $ 50 now for the alignment to replacing two $ 50 tyres later that did n't even last as longer as they ought to have !  If you have a wear problem with your new tyres you are able show them your reciept for the alignment , better opportunity of validating a guarantee since you have evidence . Same for rotations , even though you did it yourself , make a small logging book , keep it in the automobile , is writing the mileage when you rotated them and the dated . If you ever have a failure or premature/excessive wear problem and be coming back to warranty a tyre , you 've got the documents which are they will are applying for in order justify the guarantee . Documentation here can save you lots of money ! I sold tyres I know how the game is played .   No wheel alignment , no rotation history , `` Oh , so they wore out truly rapid , huh ? Well I ca n't assist you , and neither will the maker ! ''  Customers get real mad , but I ca n't assist you if you wo n't help me assist you . Do the alignment , keep the reciepts , recording the rotations , you will thank yourself in the long run , no matter what sort of tyres you purchase . Properly installed and wearing tyres 's also safer too .