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        Q: What poke ball do use to catch raiku?
A: well get a Pokemon who are familiar withs hypnosis and mean look and after u make entei a sleep switching your Pokemon who are familiar withs a TM that lesss entei acurracy note after u switching entei will escape now go to entei once again used mean look and later use hypnos's beginning hitting him to the red and throw a pokeball at him afer u do hold down L and R since it improves the succes . now if u wish to catch raikou do the same thign now if u do not want 's using the flowing master ball ultra ball huge ball or pokeball use a net ball i are endeavouring to catch raikou with a ultra beveryone and do n't work so i usage a net beveryone and it co-operated better than a ultra ball but i didnt catch it so i havent got entei or raikou but i am aware what to do yo catch him 

Q: What is the best poke ball do you use to catch regigigus besides a master ball?
A: If you give him a status condition that wont end up making him faint and the united statesed blocking or mean look or have a Pokemon with the arena trapping speacilty you are able catch him with a quick ball . 

Q: What is the best poke ball to catch Reshiram?
A: catch it with a Pokemon ( ordinary ) buy like 50 or dive ball or master if there no other lengendary Pokemon