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        Q: My 14 year old bestfriend wants to have sex with her boyfriend, shes asking for my advice?
A: I presume the most important thing is that you both ensuring that you actually wish to . If you feel mature sufficiently to deal with the responsibility and reverberations that could occurs , subsequently all of the authority to you both . Just be safe .   Make sure that you both have a lot of time ( because you should n't rush such things ) . Begin with a sensual shower ( if you have such an option ) because a clean body will make the experience more pleasant . Even if you do n't take a shower , start slowly with a lot of foreplay . Ensure that you 're both aroused ( particularly her ) in order to find it easier for her . The firstly time may hurt for her , because , as a virgin , a foreign object in her vagina could tear her hymen which are able leads to a sharp pain and a small bit of bleed . Becauses of such , you 'll wish to take the original penetration slowly , allowing her to adapt . ( She 'll is greater comfortable if she 's completely caused , so guaranteeing a good `` licking '' to get her excite . ) During foreplay , if you ARE NOT wearing a condom , make convinced to either avoiding touching your penis ( as semen can transfer from your hand to the condom when you put it on ) or wash your hands are before putting on the condom . If she touches your penis ( with hands or lips ) make persuaded that she 's is conscious of the same thing in averting touch with the condom .   The condom : I am convinced that you have taken sex ed , and I am also persuaded that you 're capable from read the directives on the condom , however , as a reminder , here is the proper way to put the condom on . NEVER KEEP A CONDOM IN A WALLET ! First , squeeze the packet gently and guarantees there exist no holes in the wrap . Second , tear it opening with your hands , not your teeth because this may tear the condom . Once opening , check the condom for the way it rolls . You want it to roll down your shaft as you place it on . Set the condom on your hand with the reservoir pointing up like a sombrero ( the Mexican hat ) . When you 're hard and prepared , pinch the tip of the reservoir , and place the condom to your head , rolling it down over your shaft right over the bottom . Release the reservoir . Lubrication is also possible a good idea . Also , have a towel hand that you are able lay under her back ( to maintaining the sheets clean ) and have a paper towel or tissue handy to assist in when you take the condom off after ejaculation . Never flush a condom down the toilette ! Final note , after orgasm , you are able wish to remained in her , as it 's your firstly time , it 's magical , and you wish to hold each other , but you truly required to withdraw your penis while it continues to be hard after orgasm . A limp organ may slip out of the condom , and that would be bad . Just make persuaded that you hold the bases of the condom tight when pulling out . When you have a opportunity , slip into the bathroom and give your penis a rapid washing with some warm water and mild soap .   Now , should the condom slip off during sex , the safest thing to do is to discard the 1st and put on a 2nd condom . Chances are it wo n't slip off without your noticing , however , weird things happen .   You wish to make this feel good for her ( and you too of course ) . Being the firstly time , be patients . Pace yourself , and slow down if you believe you 're 're getting closers . Try to lengthen it as much as you are able . Deep respiration will assist . For her , ask her if she masturbates ( maybe you already know =P ) and find out if she 's capable of multiple orgasms . If she 's n't ( yet ) than I are asking you to do research on line learn lessons . If she can , than encourage her be fostered her own clitoris during sex , as sit is capable of orgasm more than you without halting . However , she should save her final orgasm and attempt to time it with you if achievable .   Also , once her body feels comfortable ( and it is perhaps not on the firstly try ) attempt various stances , because a variant in stance could make the experience more pleasant for both of you . Try be chosen a night so that you are able afford the time to cuddle and hold each other after ( and who knows , perhaps it 'll lead to round 2 ) . 

Q: Is it possible to get pregnant if the guy is wearing a condom and the girl is wearing underwear and you just rub the penis against the vagina?
A: . No.. NO . . \nNo , completely not . \n . \nTo be pregnant , the man must ejaculate semales inside your vagina . Even subsequently , you have to be ovulating in order for th…e sperm to find your egg . I has never hear of sperm traveling thru undergarments and into the female 's vagina , into the womb and still fertilizing an egg . That 's simply not how itjust works . 

Q: Oral Sex Without Condom? is it safe? risky?
A: If you use a condom properly it is extremely safe , but no form of birth controlling is 100 percent ensured for halt pregnancy or STDs - however , it will greatly reducing the danger .   Before you put a condom on :   Get condoms that say these people are for impeding pregnancy and STDs - do n't get `` novelty '' condoms .  Store condoms in a cool , dried place away from direct sunshine .  Check the expiration dated on the condom .  Do a pillow test — does the air remained in the unopened packet ?  Tear the condom packet attentively — without using your teeth — to open .  If the condom looks harmed , discolored , or brittle , do not use .  Add a drop of lube inside the condom for additional pleasure .   To put a condom on :   With one hand , pinch the tip of the condom 's leaving room for the ejaculate .  With the other hand , roll the condom to the bases of the penis or object .  Continue using this hands to help guide any air bubbles out of the condom .  Add lube to the outside of the condom to prevent excess friction that were likely cause breakage .   After the action :   Hold the bases of the condom as you pull out to prevent slippage .  Remove the condom and throw away in the trash , not the bathroom .