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        Q: Were can I buy a Whiteboard ?
A: walmart , office depot , office max , or you are able try through a local mid or high schooling , if they have any left overs ? : ) 

Q: Where can i get a whiteboard?
A: Many places , office supply storing such as Staples . And other places such as Walmart , K-mart , and Target if these people are in stock . You can purchase them online . And some even specialized in whiteboard paintings . Whiteboard painting can come in clear-cut , white or black . The clear-cut whiteboard painting is feasible to painting over colour walls , enabling you to have numerous opportunities for color and pattern for your whiteboard .   If you 're concerned to whiteboard paintings , try this site following website/www.whiteyboard.com/   Some other sites offer business board rooms or schooling setting sized white boards . They is also possible six feet long , and 4 feet high . Most come in white , but they were able begins at about $ 350 relying on the sized and characteristics such as marker holder rims and capacities to acts as a magnet . 

Q: What Will Permanently Stay on A Whiteboard?
A: You could try making those permanent marker lines darker by going over them different times to at the very least make the marks darker when they 're erased over .  Or you could try things like :  ... '' painting markers ''  ... ... or perhaps acrylic paintings or tinted elastomers painted on ( between 2 parallel lines of masking or painter 's tapes )  ... pigment pens ( commonly used for writing on photographs )  ... tapes ( in particular the vinyl or another ones for layouts :  http : //mywhiteboards.com/vinylcharttape ... .  https : //www.google.com/search ? q=chart+ta ... )  ... used markers or any of the other aspects , subsequently cover your whiteboard with a sheet of vinyl ( from fabric storing by the yard ) or any other type of enormous plastic sheeting you are able find  ... some corporations will put your marks on continually being but for a price**   Some of those might crack over time though or have small crevices along the edges ( like the tapes maybe ) , but that maybe it is a problem for you or not relying the way you 're playing on the board .   This link may have numerous more ideas , etc :  https : //www.google.com/search ? q=white+bo ...  ... and more ideas here :  ** http : //answers.yahoo.com/question/index ? qid=20120908010148AApDI8l    .