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        Q: What kind of acoustic guitar is this?
A: I am looking at this guitar on ebay right now . Checking it out for you . Generally speaking , approximately $ 100 if you purchase it at a shop in the U.S.However , numerous guitars from numerous corporations ... not only Yamaha ... are made in Japan , China , or Indonesia . If you boughtd one directly from there , it would be importantly cheaper . Part the reasons why the this situation is because one factory will make guitars for various various corporations . Once the corporations get these guitars , they put their brand on it , further driving up the pricing . This is authentic with any product . There are multiple MANY sellers on ebay sell brand new products direct from China . I am also checking out a Chinese wholesale sight for a guitar similar to the one you are able be looking at on ebay . I have 'm saying that it is presumably an okay guitar . It 're not something that Eric Clapton would buy ... ... but it 's definitely good sufficiently learn lessons on and will presumably keep you going for various years . Contrary to what young people generation believes ... only because something is cheap does n't necessarily mean that it is crap . The old saying `` you get what you paying off '' was no necessarily applicable when it comes to mass produced items from China . I see kids defraying $ 100 for a Penny brand skateboard whenever they could get the accurate same thing without the Penny logo , for $ 20 . Expensive does n't necessarily mean better . I believe you should get it . 

Q: Customizing an acoustic guitar?
A: Okayy  ima explain this for you since no-one else will   soo first off , a fender isnt a kind of guitar  theres Electric , Acoustic , and electrical-acoustic   Fender , Gibson , Epitelephone , Etc . 're all brand names  In other words , They are the manafacturers   Soo , if your issue is what is better , electricalal or acoustic was later the answering is :   Electric guitar and acoustic guitars arent truly better than one another because the very best guitar for you depending on your styling . If you like natural sounds with clean strums and you wish to take that guitar t ogo was later choose acoustic .   If you 're planning on playing metal ( my favourite xD ) , rock , etc was later choose an electrical guitar . Pretty much all electrical guitars 's the same because their sounds depends highly on the kinds of amplifier you chose . I prefer electrical guitar since its also alot louder .   Electric- Acoustics are sort of like a hybrid because you are able take them everywhere without an amplifier and still get that gorgeous natural acoustic sound that is typically originating from a standards acoustic guitar . When your at house and you feel like playing some rock or metal or etc. was later you are able just plug into your amp and shred .   If your issue is `` What 's the bestest brand/manifacturer acoustic or electrical guitar ? '' subsequently heres your responseing :   There are 3rd party ( cheap ) guitars who make remedying guitars off of the top-of-the-line makers , Mid class guitar makers or divisions of the high end brands , and the high end ( bestest ) brand named . Third party makers such as johnson , brownsville , and vineyard are low quality brands but these people are very low-costs . Then , there exist Branches or divisions off of the high end brands . These include Epitelephone , Squire , etc . These brands are parts of the high end corporations such as fender and gibson , They was rather high quality guitars and they 're middle costs . Then come the high end guitar brands such as Fender and Gibson and Dean and Jackson . These are the most senior quality guitars but they are able come with such a enormous pricing tag , you are able buy 2 utilized automobiles with . Fenders can range from poor quality $ 80- $ 200 to good quality $ 1200- $ 4600 . They 's over-rated in such a way . You would be better off to purchase an epitelephone or squire guitar since they had nearly the same quality but come at much , much less prices . Jackson guitars 's my favourite since they have amazing quality and are mid-priced like epiphones .   This is applied to both acoustic and electricalal guitars .   Sooo take such information and sharing it   My names John V , im 14 and i am hopeful become states a well-known guitarist 1 day . Everyone deserves particular chances to play the guitar sooo pass this on . xD 

Q: Which acoustic electric guitar would you recommend for a beginner (never played before)?
A: Okay . no problem . ( And , I made an error on 'voting ' , with the others . Should be thumbs down . )   Your pricing range is advantageous for a choice of well made and well fulfilling acoustics on the market in order today . Wise to get an acoustic now , as you will learn be recognized the guitars you is still to experience and familiarize themselves with later .   Here is a listing of what brands to search for : Alvarez ; Art & amp ; Lutherie ; Cort ( cheap ) ; Dean ; Epiphone ; Ibanez ; Jasmine ; Seagull ( $ $ ) ; Walden ; Washburn and Yamaha . Many make both acoustic and electricals .   But as for the acoustic models , look for persons who offer a solid top ( single layer of wood panel , as opposite to a veneer laminate of plywood ) soundboard , as these responding best for a realr guitar expression all over .   Try them out , when you do get to a music store ( not a department retailer , or toy store ) that has a of selecting and if feasible , take somebody with you to make it a real adventure and assistance in your decision .   And yes , most guitars will age well , but those which 're not of solid wood panels will be amended little over the years ( the lower-end ) as the more expensive and higher concluded ones will be enhanced or become 'sweeter ' with time .   The its most important part of any guitar is the playing comfort offered by the neck and fingerboard and how it was established ( proper string height and fretwire finish ) . On any guitar , low-costs or not . It can dissuade numerous a beginner . Steel string dreadnoughts , or nylon string classic .   Do a small research on your own beforehand as looking up these brands , and thereforeme history , to get some working knowledge what expect to see and how well such tools are made and their pricing ranges .