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        Q: Should women use proper underwear look like?
A: If not appropriately used underwear you inadvertently contaminated with hazardous illnesses `` girl '' there .  1 . Should not be left exposed pants  Habits left exposed garment makes people think that doing so will make more clean clothes . But in fact it has the opposite effects . In ambient air contamination exposure makes lingerie underwear left are infected with some sort of dust and bacterium .  Because cigarette smoking , dust , bacterium , hydrogen sulphide and other hazardous air quality dispersal . When left set out inadvertently underwear will stick to the sides of the pants . When worn on the person , will make people itchy , allergic even cause a whole series of incendiary skin illnesses . Many women also contaminated a different way gynaecological illnesses . So should not expose underwear left , take more time to shake clothes over clothes to clean dust .  2 . Should be washed through the new underwear before wearing  Buy new underwear wore unwashed is a health danger for the body . Becauses of such manufactures process , it is often more additives to deal with color , fabric processings ... These chemicals are annoying to the skin .  In addition to anti-worm , anti-mold , such drugs cause annoyance to the skin . Moreover , new clothes will also save some formaldehyde would be harmful to the body so one particular purchasing new clothes to clean water through wash , dried ventilated place to dry before wearing . New Panties like to wash clothes .  3 . Not used underwear fading  When used proves underwear fading dye residue still save on garment . Although no chemicals dyes affect the genitals of women , however , when is subjected to the skin , the body will absorb some of the other chemicals that were likely affect health .  If lingerie is fading proved quality problem , you should not continues its wear again . With the types of underwear , buy high quality products . Do not save money when buying underwear .  4 . Underwear drying ventilated place  Underwear ventilated place and exposed to best expose directly under sunshine . Do not expose underwear in a dark and humid environment for yeast infection is heavily infectious .  If there exist no conditions under the sun , so must expose underpants ventilated place to dry to prevent creation of conditions for bacterial growth .  5 . Wear comfortable underwear whilst sleeping  Do not wear too tight underwear at bedtime . If the pants is far too tight will not is advantageous for blood circulation , afflicting your sleep .  Also , if you wish naked bedtime 's also very good . Because places around the females vagina is consistently moist , simple to become the abode of detrimental bacteria , if they were able keep the `` small girl '' is consistently dried is declining the percentages of women with secondary illness science .  six . Harvesting sterilisation  Although the u.s.ed of soap to wash clothes is the optimal choice , but you are able also be utilized infertile water to clean underwear .  However attention to be paid ought to be washed clean underwear . Because if not clean cleansing chemicals have some saved on clothes would be hazardous to the body . 

Q: Do you wear underwear at all?
A: thong or seamless 

Q: Where can i get female underwear for males from?
A: Not that this is any of your enterprises , but hot pink micro-fiber bikinis , at the moment . Same styling and fabric as normal , they 're comfortable . I generally purchased them from Target or Walmart . They was just underwear , for pity 's sake . It 's fine to be devoted a bundle for a very precise occasion , such as your wedding night or anniversary . I ca n't justify it for day-to-day , although . Like who do I required to impress with my underwear brand ? Who 's going to even care ? As longer as they last and look decent for a reasonable amount of time , I am pleased .