"HuminRich"SH9002B Young Active Leonardite Source Organic Fertilizer Humic Acid

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Organic Fertilizer
Humic Acid
CAS No.:
Other Names:
Humic Acid Granular Coated With Amino Acid
Place of Origin:
Liaoning, China (Mainland)
Release Type:
Soil Conditioner
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Product Name:
Humic Acid
Young Active Leonardite
Leonardite Source
Humic Acid:
Organic Matter:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
15000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
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Humic Acid :
500g, 1kg Al Foil Bag 1kg, 5kg, 10kg PE Bag 25kgs Paper Bag with inner plastic lining
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Lead Time :
Quantity(Tons) 1 - 1500 >1500
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The Role And Characteristics Of Humic Acid

1. Humic Acids



Humic acid is a good biological activity. Organic carrier consisting of a variety of functional groups, but also a material having an intermediate plant respiration and photosynthesis metabolic function, so it can have a large capacitive, can be combined with a variety of substances. Humic acid and pesticides mainly through ionic bond, hydrogen bond, proton transfer, electron transfer, and other ways of combining complex interactions, and generates a new type of pesticide polymer composite body, which is environmentally friendly humic acid pesticides. Research and practice show that humic acid and pesticides, fungicides, herbicides complex, can serve to strengthen the role of the efficacy and reduce toxicity.


Specific performance - solubilization: humic acid can play a role in the surfactant, the surface tension is lower than its metal surface tension of water, pesticides can produce significant dispersion and emulsifying effect, can improve the dissolution of soluble pesticide capacity; synergy: humic acid enhances plant absorption of pesticides, can improve the biological activity of pesticides and plant growth regulators, can significantly improve the effectiveness of pesticides; release effect: humic acid decomposition rate significantly inhibit pesticides role, and the greater the amount of humic acid, the slower the speed; lower toxicity: humic acid can passivation biological pesticide toxicity in those sensitive activity, stimulate pesticide antagonism activity, mitigate and reduce pesticide toxicity.


Specification of HUMINRICH® Humic Acid Products

Brand Name



Product name

SH9002B-1 Humic Acid Granular coated with Amino Acid

SH9002H-1 Liquid Humic Acids


Young Active Leonardite

Young Active Leonardite


Black Shiny Granular

Black Liquid




Humic Acid (dry basis)



Organic Matter (dry basis)






Fulvic Acid


1.5% min




Soil Solubility



Trace element:

     Ca, Mg, S, Cu, Zn, Mn, Mo



2. Humic Acids


Organic and inorganic fertilizer as a new fertilizer, is becoming the development of ecological agriculture in the 21st century with fertilizer. Here we focus on the application of fertilizer humic substances in agriculture.


1.Impact on soil microbial flora and enzyme activity. Soil microbial soil is an important constituent of the reasons, circulating transformation of soil organic and inorganic matter and nutrients; and plant biological processes essential bioactive substances - have an important influence in the formation of an enzyme - a . Humic acid can promote soil microbial activity of soil microorganisms to increase the number and enhance the activity of soil enzymes such facts have been confirmed by a large number of domestic and foreign research data. And it agreed that the humic acid to make aerobic bacteria, actinomycetes, cellulolytic bacteria number increased considerably. To accelerate organic matter mineralization, promoting the release of beneficial nutrients. Thus, humic acid, can prevent fruit rot disease, yellow leaves, leaflets, fusarium wilt.


2. humic acid fertilizer and fertilizer have a synergistic effect. With the rapid development of China's chemical industry, chemical fertilizer production and application quantity increases, increasing fertilizer on the development of agricultural production will undoubtedly play an important role, but with the increase in the amount of chemical fertilizer, fertilizer investment costs. Reduce fertilizer use efficiency and other issues, have gradually reflected. At present, the Chinese interest rate of 30-50% nitrogen, phosphate utilization rate of 10-20%, 50-70% utilization of potash, how to improve fertilizer efficiency, has become the world attaches great importance to the research topic. A lot of ways to improve the utilization of fertilizers, the most effective results is the use of biologically active additives to activation of humic acid, to enhance its compounds, adsorption, chemical reactivity and biological activity of chelated micro-propagation, etc. to effectively improve the utilization of fertilizers.

3. humic acid on crop growth and development role. Humic acid contains a variety of functional groups of humic acid are activated to become effective bioactive substances on crop growth, development and metabolism in vivo physiological stimulus, this feature is not available in general fertilizer, humic efficient biological activity of the activated Substance use by a certain concentration soaking, Baptist roots, dipping, spraying, watering, do base fertilizer, etc., for a variety of crops have obvious


The stimulatory effect. Overall performance for promoting root development, a positive effect on crop yield and quality factors in.


4. Crop physiological metabolism and enzyme activities affect humic acid into the plants, play a stimulating effect on plants, mainly in increased respiration intensity. Increased photosynthesis activity of various enzymes increased, so that the colored ripe fruit in advance, to obtain high-yield, high-value (cash crops should be city property).


5. improve crop drought resistance of humic acid administered, can reduce plant stomatal opening width, leaf transpiration decreases, reduce water consumption, the plant body of water has improved, and the blades moisture content increase. So as to divide the ear and in the foundation seed, humic acid administration can also improve the normal chlorophyll content and photosynthesis, for the accumulation of material and grain weight increase is very important.



6. Enhanced seedlings in early spring and cold hardiness of crops south of humic acid on the northern wheat has a significant effect. China throughout the South in the early rice seedlings, often encountered cold and rainy weather, Simiao, rotten seedlings phenomenon often occurs after humic acid, geothermal improved, seedling quality is generally improved. Southwest Agricultural University during the test found that the majority of winter wheat in northern China, since often "late spring *, Barley generally by winter damage, humic acid, effectively improve the cold tolerance of wheat, to varying degrees, reduced frost damage.


7. The control of plant pests and diseases and immunity humic acid can effectively control underground pests and plant diseases and germs. Have a significant inhibitory effect control and sterilization according to Beijing, Sichuan, Jiangxi, a lot of research tests show that humic acid to fruit rot, leaflets, yellow leaf disease, cucumber downy mildew, anthracnose pepper, virus, etc., Shanxi Xinjiang Institute of Vegetable cucumber two tests showed that humic acid, do not use any pesticides, but never had a big cucumber pests occurred. NOTE: Watermelon fertilization methods: the first 7 minutes to 10 minutes, water flushes, 1600 after the goods 1000ml diluted fertilizer three pounds of water plus 15, 5 to 10 pounds per acre, 3 acres Chong Shi added, without water large Shi suction tube, suction is applied good pressure applied with water after 4-5 minutes; better. In rice, wheat, cotton, canola, soybeans, peanuts, corn, hemp, watermelon, fruit, vegetables, tobacco, tea, herbs, flowers, grass, seedlings and other. 

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