4.62TPD KDON-190Y oxygen plant and medical oxygen plant by oxygen plant for sale

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Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Energy & Mining, Metallurgy, Steel Factory, Industrial Gas
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Egypt, India, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
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Jiangsu, China
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Liquid oxygen nitrogen industrial medical oxygen
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1 Year
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Video technical support, Free spare parts, Online support, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service
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Modular Skid Design
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New Product 2020
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1 Year
Core Components:
Pressure vessel, Air purifier, Cold box, Pre cooler, Turbine expander
Product name:
Small liquid air separation plant
Industrial and Medical Oxygen Nitrogen Production
Aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel
99.6% O2 for LOX, 10ppm O2 for LIN
Low pressure cryogenic rectifying by turbine expander
Skid Mounted
4.62 TPD
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Oxygen Nitrogen Generator
Low work pressure, turbine expander, 13X molecular sieve
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Supply Ability:
50 Set/Sets per Year
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Wood Box, Plastic Bubble Film
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Quantity(Sets) 1 - 10 >10
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Product Description

General Performance




Pressure out of cold box

Liquid oxygen


99.6% O2






1.1 Design conditions of the plant supplied by Buyer:

1.1.1 Atmospheric air condition: (design condition)

           Atmospheric pressure:         87.5kPa

           Atmospheric temperature:        5ºC~45ºC

           Relative humidity:              80%

           Sea elevation:               1250m

1.1.2 Natural conditions in the plant site: (to be furnished by final user) Atmospheric temperature:

           Annual mean temperature:     

           Mean temperature during the hottest month:

           Extreme highest atmospheric temperature:     

           Mean temperature during the coldest month:

           Lowest temperature during the coldest month:

           Extreme Lowest temperature:      5℃ Humidity:

           Monthly highest relative humidity: 80%

           Monthly Lowest relative humidity: 49%

           Annual mean relative humidity:   66% Atmospheric pressure

           Annual mean atmospheric pressure:

           Highest atmospheric pressure:

           Lowest atmospheric pressure: Wind direction, velocity and pressure, and sunshine:

           Prevailing wind direction: for a whole year:

           Most wind direction:

           Wind velocity: 10 meters above the ground:

           Annual mean wind velocity:

           Largest wind velocity: 

           Annual average sunshine: Thunderstorm:

           Days of thunderstorm per year: Geographical conditions:

           Allowed load of rock soil:

           Underground water depth: Seismic grade: Impurities of feed air:

           CO2:  ≤350ppm

           C2H2:  ≤2ppm

           CnHn: ≤30ppm

           Total hydrocardon:

           Dust content: ≤30 mg/m³ Public engineering utilities

       A. Cooling water:

           Temp. of circulating cooling water: ≤30 ºC

           Pressure of circulating cooling water:     0.3MPa

           Temp. rise:                      8℃

           Return water pressure:                      0.15MPa

           Suspends:                       50---60ppm

           PH value:                       7~8

           Total hardness:                   110---150Ppmascaco3

                 Total alkali:                     110---150Ppmascaco3

           CL in cooling water:               25---30ppm

           Total solution:                    300ppm(Max)

           Electric conduction:                400---425micromho/cm3

      B. Steam conditions:

C. Electric Power:      

Low tension:                   380V    frequency:   50Hz±5%

      D. Instrument air:                     ≥0.55MPa(G), 25℃, free of oil, dry.

1.2 Main Technical Data:

1.2.1 Working condition                        purity

LO2: 0~135Nm³/h±5%,                     ≥99.6%

Or  LN2: 0~135 Nm³/h±5%,                    ≥99.99%

1.2.2 Processing air capacity:                  1900 m3/h( 0℃ 101.325kPa )

1.2.3 Discharge pressure of air compressor:       1.0MPa(G)

1.3 Process description:

Air enters the suction air filter and after being removed of dust and other mechanical contaminants in it, it is compressed to the pressure of 1.0MPa by air compressor. The Air getting out from the air compressor is cooled to 8℃ by the air-precooling system and separated condensing water in the subsequent water separator. Then it is taken into the molecular sieve adsorber for removing H2O, C2H2 and CO2. There are two molecular sieve adsorbers which operate on a staggered cycle, i.e. one vessel is adsorbing the contained impurities while the other is being reactivated by waste nitrogen from the rectifying column.

  Then the cleaned air is divided into two streams, one is taken into the rectifying column and cooled by the return waste nitrogen, oxygen,expander air through the main heat exchanger. The steam-liquid air mixture is taken into the lower column for rectifying, and herein the pure nitrogen from the top of the column enters into the evaporator-condenser and condensed by liquid oxygen from the upper column. A part of the liquid nitrogen is fed to the lower column as reflux. The other part after sub-cooling apart two parts after throttled. One part enters into the top of the upper column, the other part enters LN storage tank as product.

    Another clean stream enters the main heat exchanger, And gets out from the middle and cold end of the main heat exchanger enter into the turbine expansion to generate most refrigeration for need of the plant's operation. After the expanded air return to heat exchange.

    The LOX of 99.6%O2 is drawn from oxygen side of the evaporator-condenser, some of them enters storage tank as product. If need gas oxygen for filling cylinder, boosts the pressure of liquid oxygen by liquid pump to 150bar, then gasify it by vaporizer, and fill to the cylinders.

  The waste nitrogen from the top of the upper column is warmed up by the sub-cooler, then get into the backflow expander to generate more refrigeration; after that, the waste nitrogen go back to the main heat exchanger to recover the refrigeration. When it gets out of the cold box, a part of waste nitrogen goes to the regeneration molecular sieve absorber and other part is blow down.


1.4 Characteristics of the plant:

1.4.1 Purifying air by molecular sieve adsorption makes the process simple, start-up and operation easy and safe, switch-over loss small and rectifying condition stable.

1.4.2 By using the pre-cooling system to cool the air with normal temp. Thus it makes the molecular sieve adsorbent in good condition. 

1.4.3 For the use of the automatically controlled filter, the air bearings turbo-expander and the aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger, the stability, safety and reliability of the whole plant are improved greatly.

1.4.4 By using a new construction of the evaporator-condenser to avoid the accumulation of C-H chemical compounds.

1.5 Installed power of KDO(N)-135Y Liquid oxygen plant

1.5.1Screw air compressor:

       Type                               screw air compressor

Air to be discharged                   1900 m³/h(0℃,101.325kPa)

       Discharge pressure                    ~1.0MPa

       Power of motor                      ~264 KW

Cooling water:                        20t/h

1.5.2 Model SAYL-2200/10 air pre-cooling system:

        AC:                            380V±5%    50Hz

        Cooling water: 0.30MPa:             ≤30℃; 6t/h

        Refrigeration unit:                  14kW

Motor power:                      11 kW

Cooling water:                     10t/h

1.5.3 Model HXK-2200/10 purification system

        AC:    380V±5%    50Hz     45kW (average consumption 15kW)





2.0 Principle for supply of the equipments.

 Supply of the unit equipment: For convenience of installation, all the flanges used for the nozzles and valves (including the gaskets, bolts and nuts) shall be supplied in pairs.

  The machines and equipments shall include the related supports, anchor bolts, nuts, one year’s spare parts an special tools.

2.1 Air compressor unit:                                           2sets

       Type                              GA132-21/10

Air to be discharged                   ~1900 m³/h(0℃,101.325kPa)

       Discharge pressure                    ~1.0MPa

       Power of motor                       132 KW/set

       Cooling water                         10t/set

Scope of supply(For 1 set):

Compressor proper (with end cooler)        1 set

Asynchronism motor                     1 set

Gig & small belt pulley                   each 1 pc

Lube oil station                         1 set

First & second grade safety valves          1 group

Control panel                           1 set

Local control panel                      1 pc

Spare parts                             1 set

2.2 Air buffer                                  1set

       Volume                                5m³

       Working pressure                        1.0MPa

2.3 Oil filter system                             3sets

2.4 Model SAYL-2200/10 air pre-cooling system          1 unit

      Processing air capacity:                         2200m3/h

      Inlet pressure of the air cooling tower:            1.0MPa (G)

      Inlet temperature of the air tower:              <40℃

      outlet temperature of the air tower:             5~8


2.4.1 Refrigeration unit                                 1 unit

Outlet temp of chilling water:              5~8℃

       Water flow rate:                        10t/h

Material:                              CS+SS


Compressor and motor                  1 unit

Evaporator, condenser                  1 unit

Oil console                           1 unit

Base frame, anchor bolt, and anti-shake piping  1 unit

Computer control panel                 1 unit

2.4.2 Water Separater                                     1 set

         Type:           vertical

         Processing air capacity:                     2200m3/h 

Main materials:                        CS+SS

2.5 Model HXK-2200/10 purification system           1 unit

      Processing air capacity:                  2200m3/h

      Working pressure:                      1.0MPa

      Inlet temp.:                            <10℃

      Delivery air quality:                    CO2<1PPm,

      Switch-over time:                      8h

2.5.1 Mole sieve adsorber (MS1, MS2)               2 sets

         Type:                                vertical

         Main materials:                    Q235A + stainless steel

2.5.2 Mole sieve adsorbent

         Type:                                13X-APG

         Filling capacity for one time

2.5.3 Electric heater                                   1 set

         Power:                              45kW (380V)

         Type:                                vertical

         Main materials: carbon steel (stainless steel heating tube)

2.5.4 Switch-over valve                                1 unit

2.5.5 Filter                                  1 set

2.6 Model FO(N)-135Y rectifying column system 1unit (installed in the factory)

Processing air capacity:                 1900N m3/h

Working condition I                       purity

LO2:135 Nm3/h±5%,                     ≥99.6%

Or  LN2: 135 Nm3/h±5%,                    ≥99.99%

Notes: the capacity means the volume flow rate at standard state (0℃, 101.3kPa)


2.6.1 Main heat exchanger                         1 unit

       Type: alum. Plate-fin

Material: aluminum alloy

2.6.2 Upper column (LF21, LF2)                       1 unit

         Type:    convective flow sieve tray column

  Material: aluminum alloy

2.6.3 Lower column (LF21, LF2)                       1 unit

         Type:    convective flow sieve tray column

  Material: aluminum alloy

2.6.4 Evaporator-condenser (LF21, LF2)            1 unit

         Type:    alum. Plate-fin

  Material: aluminum alloy

2.6.5 Subcooler(LF21, LF2)                       1 set

         Type:    alum. Plate-fin

  Material: aluminum alloy

2.6.6Gas bearing turbo-expander 1#          1set

Type                         Gas bearing

Model                        PLPK-17×2/9.0-0.15

Expansion capacity              1020m3/h

Inlet/outlet pressure              ~0.90MPa/~0.015MPa

Medium:                             air

Brake mode                    fan


     Expander body                                 1 set

Filter                                                    1 set

Expansion filter                  1 set

Outlet silencer                      1 set

Bearing gas filter                 1 set

Valves, pipings, fittings primary instruments, etc   1 set

2.6.7Gas bearing turbo-expander2#          1set

Type                         Gas bearing

Model                        PLPK-15×2/1.7-0.15

Expansion capacity              900m3/h

Inlet/outlet pressure              ~0.17MPa/~0.015MPa

Medium:                             air

Brake mode                    fan


     Expander body                                 1 set

Filter                                                    1 set

Expansion filter                  1 set

Outlet silencer                      1 set

Bearing gas filter                  1 set

Valves, pipings, fittings primary instruments, etc   1 set


2.10.7 Cold box(CS.SS)                          1 unit    size: 2000×2100×11500

2.10.8 Pipings inside the cold box (LF2)           1 lot

2.10.9 Accessories outside the cold box (CS.SS)1 lot

2.10.10 Equipment supports (CS.SS)             1 lot

2.10.11 Valve supports (CS.SS)                           1 lot

2.10.12 Piping supports (CS.SS)                 1 lot

2.10.13 Ladder, platform, stairs, railings (CS,SS) of cold box    1 lot

2.10.14 Valves and accessories (CS.SS.CU)   1 lot

2.10.15 Electric heater                          1 set

         Power:         15kW (380V)

         Type:           vertical

      Main materials: carbon steel (stainless steel heating tube)

2.11 Instrument Control System The instrument control system could effectively supervise the operation process of the complete set of ASP to assure reliable operation & easy maintenance. The measurement and control of the separation plant are mainly in the field, and the parameters can be indicated in the local control panel. So the operation and support of the plant are convenient The ASP is fitted with alarm/interlock system for the purity, temperature and pressure of product O2. The signals from the control and local panels can be fed to and displayed in the center control room. The local temperature indication will adopt the bi-metal thermometer. The temperature indication on cabinet will adopt digital. The temperature measuring elements will adopt the Pt100 platinum thermo-resistance; the temperature measuring elements on the important position will be double-sensor Pt thermometer. The local pressure indication will adopt the stainless-steel spring tube pressure gauge.

2.11.2 Scope of Supply for the Instruments All the transmitters, actuators, one-time temp. Detect resistance, local pressure meter, flow meter, flow orifice and solenoid valves indicated on flow sheet etc.

Inside which:

Pressure, pressure differential transmitter                      

Flow orifice                                             

Pt resistance (Pt100)                   

Local panel on line analyzer system 

   Product O2 analyzer

   Product N2 analyzer







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Q1: How about the quality of your products?

A: Our machines are manufactured strictly according to national and international standards, and we take a test on each equipment before delivery. You can also use Trade Assurance by Alibaba for product quality protection, on-time shipment protection and payment protection.


Q2: How about the price?

A: We are manufactory, and we can give you lower price than those trade companies. Besides, customers from Alibaba can geta discount.


Q3: Do you provide after-sale service?A: Yes. The warranty peniod of our machines is one year, and we have a professional after-sale service team to promptly and thoroughly solve your problems.