4 inches, 3AAA battery power, wireless LED car sticker with light sensor and motion sensor

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$2.50 - $3.50 / Pieces | 100 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
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Quick Details
Logo / Badge
Windshield Stickers
4 inches
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
LED power decals
Model Number:
LED car sticker
3 pcs AAA battery.
with light sensor and motion sensor
car sticker
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
20000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
100 pcs/CTN, 51.5 x 32 x 30cm, actual weight 9.5kg, chargeable volume weight 12kg/CTN
Decal introduction

People in the market always call them "LED car stickers,  LED panel kit,  LED power decals, LED backlight logo, LED illuminated signs, LED car signs..."


Each LED decal is a super bright LED backlit logo that sticks on to the inside of your vehicle’s window (no tools required). The battery operated device automatically turns on while the car is in motion and it’s dark out. When the sensors detect no motion for 2 minutes or that it’s light out, the sign light shuts off. Just set it and forget it.

An indicator light on the inside tells you if it’s on or not. Because it’s a bright light, you can see it through tinted windows too.


About the "motion", i want to explain more in case some one misunderstand it.

the "motion" is a generalized description of the "action". it's not only the meaning of the car is in driving, pls note that there is no any directly connect between the car and the sign,  the sign cannot receive a "signal“ say the car is driving...Straightly speaking,  the vibration caused by friction between car and road, that's the one of the main reasons for activating the sign, The vibration when the moment of the car starts up, the acceleration of the car, also may will activate it, these all belongs to "motion", when the car is stop there in dark place, if you slap/beat the car, this action also will let the sign light up...In some cases, even if the car is in motion, if the decal senses non-movement, the decal will not light up under this condition...


Each "decal" consists of a 4-inch circular graphic image, and a rear housing that provides backlighting via an LED light. The housing also contains light and motion detectors, so that once the power switch is turned on, the light will only come on in the dark, and only when the vehicle is in motion – once the vehicle has stopped moving for at least two minutes, the light automatically shuts off.

The device mounts on the glass via two adhesive-backed clips. It can slide in and out of them, should you wish to alternate between displaying different LED logo sign in the same location.

Power is supplied by 3 * AAA alkaline batteries, which are said to provide approximately more than 40 hours of run time.


NEWS arrival:

Version A: above described decal has multiple sensor technologies ( motion sensor and light sensor)

We also have it only with light sensor...the sign will light up when it's dark no matter it's in driving or the car is stop there, this is version B 

because there is no motion sensor, the sign will not light off automatically when you park your car,  pls remember to press the button to turn off the power.


the product defaults to Version A the one with motion sensor and light sensor when you place the order.

If you need the version B  only with light sensor, pls advise when you place the order.


Decals installation

It is very important that the sign is placed in the lower right side of your font windshield or nowhere else, use caution when opening and closing rear window or doors where unit is mounted.For best results mount in flat window area.

Clean window surface where where sign is mounted, make sure it’s dry completely.

Peel off protective tape to expose 3M adhesive on window clips

Press firmly against window for at least 30 seconds, then apply pressure directly to the clips for another 30 seconds.

Instal 3 pcs AAA alkaline batteries, press the button to turn on the sign. that's the end of installation.

FAQ for LED decals

Q. How does it turn ON automatically?

A.  Version A decal has multiple sensor technologies so it first senses for darkness and then for vehicle motion. Device will light up only when both conditions are prevalent. If you decal is version B, the light is constant light when turn on the battery power.


Q. Do I have to turn the decal off?

A.  For the version A, once parked the decal will shut OFF automatically after 2 minutes. For the version B, you will need to turn off the battery power when park.


Q. How does it turn OFF automatically?

A. For the version A, The decal senses non-movement then it shuts off after 2 minutes.


Q. Why do I need turn off the battery power?

A. If for some reason you do not want the decal to light up while driving at night, you may shut device off.


Q. WINDOW CLIPS: can I re-stick the clip back onto a window once used?

A. No, for best result always use new window clips for mounting.


Q. Does this LED decal work with tinted windows?

A. Yes, the decal brightness glows right through dark factory tinted windows.


Q. What is the white light located on lower backside of the decal?

A. White light is an indicator light; if white light is on the DECAL is ON.


Q. BATTERIES: how long do the batteries last?

A. The batteries will run for over 40 hours continuously; this means if used on average of 30 minutes per evening batteries will last over 3 months.


Q. What kind of batteries does the LED decals use?

A. Device uses three standard alkaline AAA batteries.


Q. How do I replace the batteries?

A. Battery lid is located on the backside, simply press tab inward and lift off battery lid.



Trouble Shooting

1. My decal doesn’t turn on.

Make sure you already turn on the battery power.

Device first senses for darkness and then vehicle movement before it lights up. Device will only light up if both conditions are prevalent.

You may test by placing device in any dark environment, tap or shake device to simulate driving movement.


2. My decal window clips are not sticking to vehicle window.

If window has any cleaner residue from car wash this might cause a problem. Clean window surfaces using rubbing alcohol to remove any oil, grease or residue and let dry 100%.

Always install in moderate non-humid temperature range of 50 to 80 degrees F. To reinstall make sure to use a new set of window mounting clips.


3. My decal doesn’t shut OFF after 2 minutes once parked?

Simply reset by turn off the battery and turn on again.


4. My decal is not as bright as when it was first purchased?

Replace with new batteries.



As the purchaser, you assume all risk and responsibility whatsoever for any and all losses or damages to persons or property including consequential damages arising from the use of any product or service purchased from us, whether or not occasioned by our negligence or based on strict product liability or principles of indemnity or contribution. We do not assume or authorize any person or entity to assume liability on behalf of us in connection with the use of any product or service.

We make no representation that our product offerings are appropriate or legal for use inside or outside China. You are responsible for all compliance with your local laws and use of our product offerings where illegal are expressly prohibited.

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