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ANAERON is known as a bio-catalytic additive. It is composed primarily of all enzymes, bacteria, nutrients, and neutralizers necessary to break down and digest all organic waste. It does not contain any bulking agent or fillers which are of no value whatsoever to a system. The product is used to reduce sludge build up and odor problems in any kind of farm and sewage disposal systems. The bacteria in ANAERON multiply approximately every 15 minutes and in the process produce their own enzymes. This means much less has to be used to obtain favorable results. In tests we were able to determine that the product can produce a minimum of 2 billion colonies per gram after 48 hours. We have tested it as high as 4 billion colonies. This bacteria multiplication factor enables ANAERON to increase the capacity of systems sometimes eliminating the necessity of costly expansion, or building entirely new systems.

Bacteria utilize enzymes to prepare organic waste as food. The bacteria included in ANAERON are harmless (nonpathogenic). The product can function with or without oxygen (aerobic and anaerobic); therefore the product is suitable for application in areas where oxygen in either present or absent. The bacterial cultures contained in ANAERON are selected strain ideally suited to thrive in onsite farm waste, sewage and/or waste management systems. The fact that our bacteria strains multiply every 15 minutes, and in the process produce their own enzymes, means that the bacteria and enzyme activity is very considerable and in a short period of time, billions of bacteria colonies, and many thousands of enzymes are reducing organic waste at a gradually increased level. The proper combination of bacteria and enzymes is essential for proper digestion of organic waste. The enzymes are essential to complete the breakdown by liquefying the waste for the bacteria to digese.

NVIRON Biosolutions Inc.

Enzymes are chemically organic catalysts. Catalysts are defined as substances that will speed up or alter the rate of chemical reactions without the substance being altered or used up in the process.

The process by which complex organic compounds, in the presence of water and enzymes, are broken down or transformed into simpler compounds is known as digestion or hydrolysis. Enzymes speed up the union of water with a substance, after which the substance breaks up into fragments. Enzymes action is specifically targeted. Protein splitting enzymes will affect only proteins and not fats or carbohydrates, etc.

ANAERON is unique that in each ingredient is functional or contributes to the biodegradation process. It is also unique in that no matter what substrate it is asked to break down, that particular bacteria in the product will multiply and supply optimum results.

ANAERON has proven that it can eliminate serious sludge build up in WWTP, farm and sewage disposal whether it is used in digesters, lagoons, pump stations, septic tanks, or sewage mains. The multiplication factor in the product also makes it economical.

ANAERON eliminates the necessity of using caustic and chemicals that sometimes give temporary relief and cause long-term damage to our environment.

With the continued use of ANAERON, wastewater can be recycled and reused. ANAERON will increase digestion to the extent that will consume acidic waste that supports septic bacteria some of which can be pathogenic.

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