Aluminum Body Three Phase 3hp Electric Motor

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Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Asynchronous Motor
Output Power:
Protect Feature:
Totally Enclosed
AC Voltage:
IE 2
Product Name:
Aluminum Body Three Phase 3hp Electric Motor
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
500 Set/Sets per Day
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Aluminum Body Three Phase 3hp Electric Motor
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About 1 month

 Aluminum Body Three Phase 3hp Electric Motor :


Product Description

The three-phase asynchronous motor of the YE2 series is in line with the third efficiency standard in the provisions of GB 18813-2012 "the energy efficiency limit and the energy efficiency rating of small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motors’. And the improvement of the efficiency in its design is in line with the state's requirements on the energy saving and consumption reducing of the manufacturing sector.

YE2 series motors with the mounting dimension in accordance with standard IEC60034, It has good features like optimum structure, attractive appearance, low noise, high efficiency, high protection class as well as high insulation class. YE2 series motors can be widely used in various kinds of general use machineries like fans, pumps, machine tools, compressors, transportation and so on, and can also be used in the hazardous areas with oil and chemical, steel plants, mining industry.


  • Site conditions

YE2 series motors are suitable for almost all applications and operate satisfactorily at temperatures from -20℃to +40℃and altitudes up to 1000 meters above sea level

  • Temperature and Insulation

The Maters' insulation system are designed by Class F(155℃), operated with Class B(80K). Which incerase the motor useful life and reliability.

  • Cooling and ventilation

The standard cooling method is totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) it accordance with IC411 of IEC60034-6. Standard motors are equipped with radialflow plastic fans 

  • Protection class

The standard degrees of protection is IP55. The IP55 enclosure means complete hoseproof and dustproof protection .A higher degrees of protection is available

  • Motor protection

Motors can be installed with PTC, PT100, such as winding and bearing temperature measurement as well as other kinds of protection on request.

  • Voltage and frequency

Standard voltage and frequency are 380V 50HZ, and can be wound for any single voltage it the range 200-660V at a frequency 50. The motors will operate satisfactorily with variations of ±5% from the rated voltage.

  • Vibration

YE2 motors are designed to vibration class A, vibration class B is available on request.

  • Terminal box location

Terminal box at the top or right of frame is the standard YE2 motor.

  • Quality assurance

Stringent quality procedures are observed from first design to finished products in accordance with ISO9001 documented quality system.

  • Motor working system

This series of motors working system for S1 continuous duty.

Type & Size:


2P (3000rpm)4P (1500rpm)
YE2-801-20.75  KW1 HPYE2-802-40.75  KW1 HP
YE2-802-21.1 KW1.5 HPYE2-90S-41.1 KW1.5 HP
YE2-90S-21.5 KW2 HPYE2-90L-41.5 KW2 HP
YE2-90L-22.2 KW3 HPYE2-100L1-42.2 KW3 HP
YE2-100L-23 KW4 HPYE2-100L2-43 KW4 HP
YE2-112M-24 KW5.5 HPYE2-112M-44 KW5.5 HP
YE2-132S1-25.5 KW7.5 HPYE2-132S-45.5 KW7.5 HP
YE2-132S2-27.5 KW10 HPYE2-132M-47.5 KW10 HP
YE2-160M1-211 KW15 HPYE2-160M-411 KW15 HP
YE2-160M2-215 KW20 HPYE2-160L-415 KW20 HP
YE2-160L-218.5 KW25 HPYE2-180M-418.5 KW25 HP
YE2-180M-222 KW30 HPYE2-180L-422 KW30 HP
YE2-200L1-230 KW40 HPYE2-200L-430 KW40 HP
YE2-200L2-237 KW50 HPYE2-225S-437 KW50 HP
YE2-225M-245 KW60 HPYE2-225M-445 KW60 HP
YE2-250M-255 KW74 HPYE2-250M-455 KW74 HP
YE2-280S-275 KW100 HPYE2-280S-475 KW100 HP
YE2-280M-290 KW121 HPYE2-280M-490 KW121 HP
YE2-315S-2110 KW147 HPYE2-315S-4110 KW147 HP
YE2-315M-2132 KW177 HPYE2-315M-4132 KW177 HP
YE2-315L1-2160 KW214 HPYE2-315L1-4160 KW214 HP
YE2-315L2-2200 KW268 HPYE2-315L2-4200 KW268 HP
6P (1000rpm)8P 750rpm)
YE2-90S-60.75  KW1 HPYE2-90S-80.75  KW1 HP
YE2-90L-61.1 KW1.5 HPYE2-90L-81.1 KW1.5 HP
YE2-100L-61.5 KW2 HPYE2-100L1-81.5 KW2 HP
YE2-112M-62.2 KW3 HPYE2-100L2-82.2 KW3 HP
YE2-132S-63 KW4 HPYE2-112M-83 KW4 HP
YE2-132M1-64 KW5.5 HPYE2-132S-84 KW5.5 HP
YE2-132M2-65.5 KW7.5 HPYE2-132M-85.5 KW7.5 HP
YE2-160M-67.5 KW10 HPYE2-160M-87.5 KW10 HP
YE2-160L-611 KW15 HPYE2-160L-811 KW15 HP
YE2-180L-615 KW20 HPYE2-180M-815 KW20 HP
YE2-200L1-618.5 KW25 HPYE2-180L-818.5 KW25 HP
YE2-200L2-622 KW30 HPYE2-200L-822 KW30 HP
YE2-225M-630 KW40 HPYE2-225S-830 KW40 HP
YE2-250M-637 KW50 HPYE2-225M-837 KW50 HP
YE2-280S-645 KW60 HPYE2-250M-845 KW60 HP
YE2-280M-655 KW74 HPYE2-280S-855 KW74 HP
YE2-315S-675 KW100 HPYE2-280M-875 KW100 HP
YE2-315M-690 KW121 HPYE2-315S-890 KW121 HP
YE2-315L1-6110 KW147 HPYE2-315M-8110 KW147 HP
YE2-315L2-6132 KW177 HPYE2-315L1-8132 KW177 HP
   YE2-315L2-8160 KW214 HP







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