Best discount Yokogawa YHC5150X FieldMate Handheld Communicator

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
YHC5150X Microprocessor:
1 GHz
Memory Internal Flash:
512 MB
System Card:
Up to 64 GB secure digital card (4 GB installed)
256 MB
YHC5150X Communicator Weight:
Approximately 2.1 lbs (.91 Kg) with battery
1/4 VGA (480 X 272 pixels) color, 4.3 (10.9 cm) transflective display
Touch screen size:
303 x 142 x 48 mm (11.9x5.6x1.9 inch)
52 keys including QWERTY keys, 12 alphanumeric keys, tab key
Enclosure Rating:
Tested to survive a 1 meter drop onto concrete
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
5000 Unit/Units per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Carton, or depen on the clients' request.
Lead Time :
8 weeks


Yokogawa YHC5150X FieldMate Handheld Communicator, the latest Intrinsically Safe HART communicator, Microprocessor1 GHz, 512 MB

Yokogawa YHC5150X FieldMate Handheld Communicator                    

The YHC5150X FieldMate Handheld Communicator is the latest Intrinsically Safe HART® communicator from Yokogawa. All HART® field devices can be configured, polled, and trimmed utilizing a Windows-Embedded CE™ based system for faster processing and greater storage capacity. In addition, all options are standard, and no subscription is required. The YHC5150X is a full function, DD Direct, HART® Communicator supporting Universal, Common Practice and Device Specific commands for commissioning, configuration, and maintenance operations.


Contact Method:

Tel: +86 20 82582487

Fax: +86 20 61216509




Guangzhou Taike Electron Technology Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of dealing with Yokogawa original products for many years, with competitive price, enjoying a good reputation among our clients in Automation and Test & Measuring instruments area.




HART Communicator

Brain Series    BRAIN TERMINAL    BT200

Hart Series      HART FieldMate Handheld Communicator     YHC5150X


FieldMate         FieldMate Versatile Device Management Wizard (R2.04)      FSA110,FSA111

FieldMate         FieldMate Flow Configuration Saftware (R1.05)     FSA120

DPharp EJA-A Series

DPharp     Differential Pressure Transmitter   EJA110A

DPharp     Differential Pressure Transmitter   EJA120A

DPharp     Differential Pressure Transmitter   EJA130A

DPharp     Flange Mounted Differential Pressure Transmitters       EJA210A, EJA220A

DPharp     Absolute Pressure Transmitter        EJA310A

DPharp     Gauge Pressure Transmitter   EJA430A

DPharp     Gauge Pressure Transmitter   EJA440A

DPharp     Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitter     EJA510A, EJA530A

DPharp     Gauge Pressure Transmitter (High Accuracy Type)         EJA530A/HAC

DPharp EJX-A Series

DPharpEJX      Differential Pressure Transmitter EJX110A

DPharpEJX        Differential Pressure Transmitter EJX120A

DPharpEJX        Differential Pressure Transmitter EJX130A

DPharpEJX        Flange Mounted Differential Pressure Transmitter       EJX210A

DPharpEJX        Absolute Pressure Transmitter      EJX310A

DPharpEJX        Gauge Pressure Transmitter           EJX430A

DPharpEJX        Gauge Pressure Transmitter           EJX440A

DPharpEJX        Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitters EJX510A, EJX530A

DPharpEJX        Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitters EJX610A, EJX630A

DPharpEJX        Diaphragm Sealed Differential Pressure Transmitter    EJX118A

DPharpEJX        Diaphragm Sealed Gauge Pressure Transmitter   EJX438A

DPharpEJX        Low Flow Transmitter     EJX115A

DPharpEJX        Multivariable Transmitter        EJX910A

DPharpEJX        Multivariable Transmitter        EJX930A

DPharpEJX        EJX Series HART 5 / HART 7 Communication  EJX Series

DPharpEJX        FOUNDATION Fieldbus Communication          EJX Series


         Field Wireless Integrated Gateway         YFGW710

         Field Wireless Management Staion         YFGW410

         Field Wireless Access Point     YFGW510


YTA Series       Temperature Transmitter       YTA510

YTMX        Multi-Input Temperature Transmitter    YTMX580


YTA Series       Temperature Transmitter       YTA110

YTA Series       Temperature Transmitter       YTA310, YTA320

YTA Series       Temperature Transmitter       YTA50

YTA Series       Temperature Transmitter       YTA70

YTA Series       YTA Series Temperature Transmitter HART Communication         YTA Series

YTA Series       YTA Series Fieldbus Communication       YTA Series


ADMAG   Magnetic Flow Converter        AM012

ADMAG   Magnetic Flowmeters     AM100D,200D


ADMAG   Magnetic Flow Converter        AM11

ADMAG AE       Magnetic Flowmeter / Converter   AE100, AE200

AE300, AE14

ADMAG AE       ADMAG AE Series Fieldbus Communication   ADMAG AE Series

ADMAG CA      Capacitance Magnetic Flowmeters        CA100SG/SN/SC, CA200SG/SN/SC

ADMAG SE       Magnetic Flowmeters    SE100MJ/NJ/DJ/EJ, SE200MJ/NJ/DJ/EJ, SEE300DJ

ADMAG AXF     Magnetic Flowmeters Converter for Remote Flowtube         AXFA11

ADMAG AXF     Magnetic Flowmeters Converter for Remote Flowtube         AXFA14

ADMAG AXF     Magnetic Flowmeters Integral Type / Remote Flowtube       AXF Series

ADMAGAXF      Fieldbus Communication AXF Series

ADMAG AXF     PROFIBUS PA Communication AXF Series

ADMAG AXR    Two-wire Magnetic Flowmeter, Integral Flowmeter       AXR

ADMAG AXW   Magnetic Flowmeter, Remote Flowtube         AXW



YEWFLO   Ultrasonic Vortex Flowmeter          UYF200, UYFA21


YEWFLO   Vortex Flowmeters          DY, DYA


YEWFLO   FOUNDATION Fieldbus Communication Type Vortex Flowmeter   DY, DYA


ROTAMASS       ROTAMASS 3-Series Coriolis Mass Flow and Density Meter   RCCT,RCCF,



         Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Portable type     US300PM

         Ultrasonic Flowmeter     US300FM


         Field Mounting Indicators        4914, 4915

FVX  Fieldbus Segment Indicator     FVX110


P10 Series         Pneumatic Absolute Pressure Transmitter    Y/11AL

P10 Series         Pneumatic Absolute Pressure Transmitter    Y/11AM

P10 Series         Pneumatic Gauge Pressure Transmitter        Y/11AH

P10 Series         Pneumatic Gauge Pressure Transmitter        Y/11GM

P10 Series         Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter         Y/11DM

P10 Series         Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter         Y/15A, Y/15A1

P10 Series         Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitters       Y/13A, Y/13A1

P10 Series         Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter         Y/13HA

P10 Series         Pneumatic Frange Mounting Differential Pressure Transmitters           Y/15FA, Y/13FA

P10 Series         Pneumatic Frange Mounting Differential Pressure Transmitters           Y/13FEA, Y/13FEA1

P10 Series         Pneumatic Buoyancy Transmitter Y/17B6

         Pneumatic Position Transmitter     Y/CP

         Barton-Type Differential Pressure Indicator B227

         Barton-Type Differential Pressure Indicator B200


MC40 Series    Pneumatic Indicating Controller    MC43

MC40 Series    Pneumatic Indicating Transmitter          MC45

MC50 Series    Indicating Pressure Transmitter    MC55

MC50 Series    Indicating Liquid Level Transmitter         MC56


         Thermocouple         CH

         Thermocouple         CP

         Mineral Insulated Thermocouple   CS, CN

         Protection Tube and Thermowell   //WM, //WH

         Resistance Temperature Sensor    RM, RH

         Resistance Temperature Sensor    RS, RN

         Orifice Plate    FOP

         Orifice Plate with Ring    FOR

         Orifice Plate with Integral Ring      FOK

         Orifice Plate with Holding Ring       FOJ

         Orifice Flanges and Flanges    FGT, FGJ, FGC

         Flow Nozzle    FON

         Pressure Tap Adapter     FAD

         DFS Diaphragm Seals For Pressure Transmitter and Differential Pressure Transmitter         DFS

         Temperature Elements (Filled Thermal Systems) T1A, T3B

         Bulb Wells       TW


         Pneumatic Valve Positioner    Y/TC

VP200       Current-to Pneumatic Positioner   VP200

         Current-to Pneumatic Converter   PK200

         Advanced Valve Positioner     YVP110

Valve Navi         YVP Management Software (ValveNavi)         YVP20S


         Pressure Regulator Air Filter   GAS,NAS,REG

         Air Switches    AS

         Three-Valve Manufolds DVM, 3VM, IM

         Three-Valve Manufold    F66

         Scale Plates    MC40, MC50


         Pan-tilt Type CCD Color Camera      FC13E FC13U

         Scene Manager       FHC13

         Fixed angle Zoom Type CCD Color Camera    FC14E, FC14U

         High Rotation-speed Pan-tilt Type CCD Color Camera FC15U

         Web Camera Server        FHC25



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