EMD Tools

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Fuel Type:
3100-4000 hp
Place of Origin:
United States


EMD Locomotive engine tools for repair and assembly

P/NDescriptionP/N   Component
9560333Air Drive   Motor Kit 
9561844Crank-Over   tool 
8069989PIN   Vise 
 Power Pack   Cradle Lifting 
 EMD Engine Lifting Channel 
8361524Special   Socket 1-1/4 Hex 
TL-10630493Lifter for   Long hood 
TL-17450391Lifter for   Cooling Fan 
TL-10631855Lifter for   Radiator 
TL-10630503Alignment   Fixture for Water Coupling 
TL-11469Doweling   Fixture for Generator 
DSM-10948Line-up   tooling for engine to compressor 
8267435Tool for   oil loading in lash Adjuster 
8116358Lifter for   cylinder liner stud assembly 
9549072Water Pump   Disassembly tool 
8267434Gauge   Block for Lash Adjuster Test Stand 
8040413Eye Bolt   for lifting piston 
8042773Tram for   Exhaust Valve height 
8072927Installer   for Hydraulic Lash Adjuster 
8070883Valve   Bridge Spring Compressor 
8052959Pressing   Tool for Water Pump Impeller to Drive shaft 
TL-40014531Cleaning   tool 
TL-8028136Fitting   Arrangement for Snap Ring of Valve Bridge 
G-67638Leak Test   Gauge Attachment 
TL-40021325Clamp for   Lifting Cylinder Head 
GM-0067Assembly   Fixture for Connecting Rod, Carrier & Piston pin 
GM-0029Piston   Ring Compressor Guide(TL-9333846)
TL-40003489Mandrel   For Assy/Dfis assy for valve guide 
8394719Puller for   Valve Bridge 
TL-40014531Clamp   Lifter Cylinder Liner Assy 
9555886Wrench for   Loosening nut of Injector 
8208398Wrench for   Shutdown nut 
GM0179Hand tool   set for GM locos 
8243220Lead Wire   Holder 
8064804Reamer for   Cylinder Test Valve Seat 
8236718Wrench for   Basket bolt & Nut 
8212484Bolt   Socket wrench half moon 
8399007Seal   Insert for Head Frame 
8051833Rod for   Top Dead Center 
8055837Remover   for Upper Bearing Shell 
8041183Pry Bar   for Removing Injector 
8034600Tube for   Crab Stud Protector 
2B-76607Engine   Crank FixTL-9542155
TL-16241137Wrench for   Cylinder Test Valve 
IL-3947Lifter for   Bearing CapsTL-9541511,512,514
D-1-A-22549Ream Fix   and PlugTL-8070749,8028361
2B-74930Holding   Fixture for CrankshaftTL-9543014
TL-9319169,9543014Insert   Pressing & Removal Fixture in C/Case 
1L-3393Lifting   Arrangement for Head FrameTL-16030321
D-G-52558Accessory   Housing Alignment GaugeTL-40004235
TL-9541517,9543014Pressing   Tool for 1/2 od Tube to Main frame 
1A-74045Pointer   Disc Used for engine Time 
TL-9545408Steel   Straight edge 
TL-9545408-1Try Square   12 in 
1L-912Clamp for   lifting idler gear stub shaft 
5079,8492485Jack for   governor injector linkage 
C-2B-52264Jacking   tool for adjusting liningTL-9529285
TL-9543014,40061469Crankcase   line-up fixture 
1A-73181Guide Pin   to Line-upTL-9543014,40061469
C-1A-14366Crank Case   line-up fixtureTL-9543014,40061469
2B-52265Jacking   tool for lining accessory driveTL-80284080,9571255
IL-3911Lifter for   Aux GenTL-8460738
TL-9544715Resting   Plate for End Crab 
1A197765Piston   Holder for Power Pack Drop 
IL-206Clamp   Lifting Piston Liner & Head Assy 
D-G-52557Accessory   Housing Alignment Gauge Water PumpTL-40004234
D-1A-96856Spanner   Bar to Check Flexing of Drive GearTL-8155676
IL-2584Lifting   Device For Turbo air Duct 
IL-198-001Bracket   Lifter For Assembly of Cam Shaft Drive HousingTL-9544089
IL-1113Hook for   Lifting Accessory Drive HousingTL-9529285
1L-2632Lifter For   Aftercooler Cone AssemblyTL-40046710
1L-1125Hook and   Clamp for lifting Lube oil strainerTL-8435910
D-1L-3311Lifter for   G Turbo 
8034638Timing   Gauge for End Injector 
 Cranking   Tool 
TL-40021325Spring   Depressor 
2B-76090Reaming   Fixture for Oil PanTL-8358874
G-3316Gage to   Check Length & Twist of Connection RodTL-40060836
D-G-61181Backlash   Check Gauge on Starter Gear &Bracket Assy 
G-52710Counter   weight Alignment Gauge at Camshaft Drive EndTL-40033553,40033554
D-G-50248Master for   setting Gauge40054373,40054372,9543887
TL-9547258Line UP   indicator Gauge 
G-52559Accessory   Housing Alignment Gauge for Oil Pump 
G-67812Alignment   Gauge to Check line-up of oil pan& Crank ShaftTL-9543014,40061469
G-50793Template   to Check Line up of Oil pan & Crank CaseTL-9543014,40061469
E-G-50247Distance   GaugeTL-40054373,9543887
G-66179Alignment   Gauge with Dial indicatorTL-9543014,40061469
8339610Gauge for   Injector Rack Setting 
TL-9544069Gauge with   Dial Indicator for Cam Shaft Drive 
2B-77098Brush for   CleaningTL-9543014
1A-47707Cleaning   tool crankcase main oilTL-9543014