Fluke 125B ScopeMeter Industrial Scope meter oscilloscope

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United States
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Fluke 125B
Sample rate:
2.5G/S repetitive sampling 25MS/s single shot sampling

Fluke 125B ScopeMeter 40MHz Industrial Scope meter Industrial oscilloscope :



Product Description

 Fluke 125B, the full specifications of the Fluke 124 applies. On top, the Bus Health Test capability is included, as specified below. For further details on the general specification of the 125B, refer to the 123B/124B section




Bandwidth: 40 MHz



Sample Rate:
  2.5 GS/s repetitive sampling
  25 MS/s single shot sampling
Bus Health Test functions
Bus Health test:
  Verifies the electrical parameters of industrial bus systems using automatic measurement and analysis functions. Next to that, an Eyepattern mode is provided for visual inspection of signal quality.
Parameter classification:
  Default values:
 well within limits = ‘good’
 within certain percentage of the limit values = ‘weak’
 beyond limit values = ‘bad’
  Limits values, as a default, are based on industry standard for the selected bus type or may be set by the user.
Bus systems supported:
 AS-i (EN50295, 166 kb/s);
 CAN-bus (ISO-11898, up to 1 Mb/s);
 Interbus S (EIA-485, 500 kb/s);
 ControlNet (61158 type 2, 5Mb/s);
 Modbus (EIA-232 up to 115 kb/s and EIA-485 up to 10 Mb/s);
 Foundation Fieldbus H1 (61158 type 1, 31.25 kb/s);
 Profibus DP (EIA-485 up to 10 Mb/s);
 Profibus PA (61158 type 1, 31.25 kb/s);
 Ethernet 10Base2 (coaxial);
 Ethernet 10BaseT (UTP, 10 Mb/s);
 RS-232 (EIA-232, up to 115 kb/s);
 RS-485 (EIA-485, up to 10 Mb/s);
 user defined single wire or balanced system.
 Waveform Parameter analysis with automatic read-out and parameter validation (good / weak / bad); test limits are based on industry standards or may be set by the user.
 Eyepattern display mode.
Measured parameters (where applicable):
 baud rate,
 fall time,
 high level,
 low level,
 bias voltage level,
 signal amplitude,
Eyepattern display mode:
  Gives waveform display of bus signals with display persistence. Timebase and attenuator settings may be altered by the user.
Additional Power measurement capabilities (Fluke 125 only)
Measurement types:
 Power Factor (PF)
Power configuration:
  Single phase or balanced three-phase (delta-configuration) mains supply
Voltage measurement
  Channel A; using STL120, voltage probe or direct input
Current measurement
  Channel B, using i400s (included) or other compatible current clamp
Current Clamp or Shunt sensitivity:
  0.1 / 1 / 10 / 100 / 1000 mV/A, 10 mV/mA and 400 mV/A.
Harmonics Mode (Fluke 125B only)
  Converts waveform information into a harmonics display (using FFT processing) which shows the relative amplitudes of the 1st up to the 33rd harmonic
Analyzed waveform:
  Voltage waveform(Ch.A), Current wavefrom (Ch.B) or Power (Ch.A x Ch.B), automatically generated.
Harmonics Frequency range:
  DC up to 33rd harmonic (for fundamental up to 60 Hz);
  DC up to 24th harmonic (for fundamental up to 400 Hz).
  Bargraph showing 1st up to 33rd harmonic and DC; amplitude displayed in % relative to fundamental
  Relative amplitude of individual harmonics;
  THD in %r or %f.




Industrial ScopeMeter hand held oscilloscope (40 MHz) with Bus Health Test

All models include:

  • STL120 Shielded Test Lead Set
  • HC120 Hook Clips
  • BB120 Shielded BNC adapter
  • AC120 Alligator clips
  • PM8907 Battery Charger/Line Voltage Adapter
  • BP120MH – NiMH Battery Pack (installed)
  • Getting started booklet
  • User manual (CD-ROM), multi-lingual

Fluke 125B/124B models also include:

  • VPS40 Voltage Probe, 40 MHz, 10:1

Fluke 125 models also include:

  • I400s AC Current Clamp



Fluke 125B is the ScopeMeter of choice for the maintenance engineer who deals with industrial machinery and the industrial network connecting his machinery the like. The Fluke 125B has all the functionality of the 124B plus it comes with the following extensions:


Bus Health mode gives a clear “Good / “Weak / “Bad indication for the electrical signals on industrial buses and networks, such as CAN-bus, Profi-bus, RS-232 and many more. The Fluke 125 validates the quality of the electrical signals as soon as any electrical signals are passed along the network. It checks the signal levels and speed, transition times and distortion, and compares these to the appropriate standards to help you find errors like improper cable connections and terminators. It helps you find the source of error in case communication comes to a halt. All the commonly found industrial network types are supported!


The 125B also offers advanced power measurements for single phase and balanced 3-phase systems, a Harmonics Mode and more.





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