GalileoStar1 well water pump winding wire for submersible pump motors

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Single-stage Pump
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Centrifugal Pump
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GalileoStar1 well water pump,winding wire for submersible pump motors

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Product description of QS stainless steel submersible pump:
QS stainless steel submersible pump adopts precision casting and stainless steel barrels, which are beautiful and rust-proof, corrosion-resistant and pollution-free.
The motor is located in the upper part of the electric pump and is a single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motor mechanism. The QS stainless steel small submersible pump is located in the lower part of the motor and adopts the upper water absorption structure to prevent the electric pump from being caught in the sludge and clogging. It is widely used in various special requirements such as corrosion resistance and hygienic use.
This pump is designed to deliver media with higher hygiene requirements or mild corrosion. The pump is made of corrosion-resistant material and is stamped from stainless steel. The pump is designed to be water-cooled and drained thoroughly. The motor is not hot for long periods of time.


QS stainless steel submersible pump product advantages:
1. QS stainless steel submersible pump is made of stainless steel precision casting, corrosion-resistant, environment-friendly, small in size and durable.
2, the use of fluoro rubber double-end mechanical seal, fluoro rubber radial "O" ring seal, effectively seal the protective effect of the environment's harsh liquid.
3. The motor adopts Class F insulation and is equipped with thermal protection device, which greatly prolongs the service life of the pump.
4. Customized anti-corrosion cable, PTFE mechanical seal and high temperature liquid parts can be customized according to customer's special requirements.
5, the use of stainless steel closed stamping welding impeller, greatly improved the lift.


The main purpose of QS stainless steel submersible pump:
Applicable to building buildings, hospitals, residential quarters, municipal engineering, road traffic and construction, factory water supply and drainage, aquaculture, pharmaceuticals, beverages, seawater brine, general corrosive media.
QS stainless steel submersible pump conditions:
1. The temperature of the medium does not exceed 60 ° C. The volume ratio of solid impurities in the medium does not exceed 0.1%, the particle size is not more than 0.2 mm, and the pH of the medium is between 4 and 10.
2. The depth of the submerged liquid of the motor does not exceed 5m, and the liquid surface of the motor does not exceed 1/2 of the motor.


QS stainless steel submersible pump use precautions:
(1) First check whether the relevant technical parameters such as nameplate, flow, head and media particle size are consistent with the conditions of use.
(2) Select the appropriate supporting pipeline. The diameter of the supporting pipeline should be matched with the diameter of the pump outlet. The diameter should not be too large or too small, and the length should not be too long, so as to avoid increasing pipeline loss. Use a clamp to clamp the pipe to the outlet pipe or use a flange to connect to the outlet pipe to prevent water leakage from the connection between the outlet pipe and the pump. Also, string the rope at the ring, use a cup to lift the pump, and avoid using a cable to pump the pump.
(3) Thoroughly check the cable and plug for unsafe factors. Because the pump is submerged into the water for a long time, it is necessary to carefully check whether the cable is broken or damaged, and there is no leakage at the plug to avoid electric shock to ensure the pump. Safe to run.
(4) There must be reliable grounding. Before use, a grounding wire with a grounding mark in the pump's lead-out cable should be reliably grounded to ensure safe operation. Sometimes when used in rural areas, due to conditions, if there is no fixed grounding wire, metal bars of 1.5m or more can be buried in the attachments of the power supply or pump.
(5) Check the insulation resistance of the pump before use. The vapor-cooled insulation resistance is not less than 50 megohms. If the pump is not used for a long time, the inside of the motor is damp, and the insulation resistance is less than 2 megohms, the cause should be checked, and the fault can be used normally.
(6) Must be used in conjunction with the protection switch. The submersible sewage pump works under water for a long time, and it also transports sewage and sewage. The use conditions are relatively complicated, and it is often caused by blockage of debris, phase loss operation and low voltage operation. In order to prevent damage to the windings, the pump must be used in conjunction with the protective switch. If there is no protection switch, it is necessary to add a fuse that is about 1.2 times larger than the rated current of the pump to the ordinary switch.
(7) Ensure that the working voltage of the pump is within the normal range. When the power supply of the pump is far away from the place of use, it is necessary to increase the cross section of the ground current, reduce the joint of the cable, and reduce the voltage drop. The voltage drop of the general power line is controlled within 5%.
(8) Test run before pump use. Check that the pump is turning correctly and avoid reverse operation.




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GalileoStar1 well water pump,winding wire for submersible pump motors
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