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GalileoStarP led solar ligh outdoor solar lighted christmas trees

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GalileoStarP led solar ligh outdoor,solar lighted chriss trees

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Welcome to consult
eed to ask any more One glance through the window showed him what was happening in tGalileoStarP led solar ligh outdoor,solar lighted chriss treese room below him showed him too that he was marooned on the roof even as he had hoped to find Herc

Help me help me howled Saki No can hold on much longer

Confound you this is all your fault shouted Kenworth beside himself with chagrin Hey there Kester Vaux hold that fellow Dont let him get away it means all our necks in a halter if you do

The two men addressed attempted to seize Herc But they might as well have tried to capture a young hurricane The redheaded lads fighting blood was up As they tried to intercept him he ed them and catching them both around the legs he brought them down in one grand smash

As they fell their heads bumped together with a noise like a pistol shot

Pg 234

No more trouble from them chuckled Herc gleefully

The redheaded lad was beginning to enjoy himself The Japs who alone were left standing were huddled in one corner of the room out of the way of the white demon with the head of flames

Any more howled Herc gleefully and went charging for the door leading into the dark passage His plan was made Once he gained the front shop he meant to force his way out to the street if possible through the locked portal If he could not batter his way out there he meant to smash a window and run at top speed for the authorities

But as he dashed for the door there came a yell of dismay and the noise of a heavy fall behind him Kenworth half through the window had been trying to assist Saki But he lost his balance GalileoStarP led solar ligh outdoor,solar lighted chriss treesust as the weight of the Jap came onPg 235 him and together he and Saki had come crashing down to the floor of the room below

Luckily for them the two men that Herc had just attended to lay there and their bodies broke the force of the fall Not injured in the least owing to thisfor himlucky accident Kenworth was on his feet again in the wink of an eyelid

As Hercs form vanished through the doorway he a revolver and in the insane fury of his rage fired a shot at the Dreadnought Boys fleeing form Herc felt the breeze of the bullet as it winged past him and buried itself harmlessly in the wall

Blaze away he shouted In five minutes time Ill have the whole boiling of you in

The sentence was not completed In the room he had left behind him the spectacled Jap who had recovered his wits had darted for a lever in the wall He pulled it toward him

Pg 236

At thGalileoStarP led solar ligh outdoor,solar lighted chriss trees same instant Herc felt the floor of the passage drop from under his feet and found himself falling falling falling into a black void while fires and lightnings wheeled and darted wildly through his confused brain
Herc landed with a crash on something soft and yielding For an instant or two he actually found himself wondering if he had been killed but as soon as his rudely jolted senses reasserted themselves he found that thanks to the soft substance he had landed upon he was not even sprained

Well heres a nice kettle of fish exclaimed Herc to himself rubbing his head ruefully Im a whole lot worse off now than I was before

He sat up andGalileoStarP led solar ligh outdoor,solar lighted chriss treestried to collect his thoughts A moments reflection placed him pretty well in possession of the facts as they were He had been dashing at top speed down the dark passage when he suddenly found himself precipitated into space There had been no trapdoor or openingPg 238 in the passage when he came down it before of that he was certain therefore it was plain that some sort of device must have been operated to open a pitfall under his feet and prevent his escape

The question now is though where am I mused Herc

All about him was velvety blackness so dark that it could almost be felt The air was filled with an odd kind of musty odor a damp reek as of some place infested with fungus growth and unclean things

Some sort of a cellar thought the lad and its not likely thereGalileoStarP led solar ligh outdoor,solar lighted chriss trees any way out of it but the way I came There might be a ladder there of course but I didnt notice it as I came down Ouch what a bump Im lucky it didnt break every bone in my body

Herc felt in his pockets for his matchbox Having found it he struck a lucifer By its lightPg 239 he made a brief but comprehensive survey of his surroundings

He had fallen on a rotting pile of what appeared to be old sails or canvas from which sails were made From this he judged that the structure above him must have been at some time occupied by sailmakers and that this cellar had formed a sort of rubbish heap for the refuse of the place

For the rest the lighting of another match showed him that the cellar was about eighty feet square and evidently extended under the whole of the house above There was no means of egress and he could not even see the trapdoor above him through which he had made such a hasty entrance into the place

The walls were smooth and made of some sort of cement There was no hope of scaling them even had there been anything to gain by such a proceeding So far as he could see Herc was in as effectual a trap as it would have been possiblePg 240 to devise Only a ladder could do him any good and so far as obtaining that was concerned he felt that he might just as well wish for anything impossible of attainment

But Herc was not the sort of lad to give anything up without making a try to better his condition As soon as his head which had been sadly shaken in his fall stopped aching a little he got up from the pile of old sails and began a further examination of the cellar

The first thing that struck him was that the floor was very wet Slimy slippery mud was under foot and a green weed grew wherever it could secure a roothold His next discovery was that the walls were marked near to the top of the cellar by a distinct line

Above this line their color was the dirty gray of the cement but below it was stained green as if from the action of water Herc puzed a good deal over this He could not account for it by any theory of mere dampness Just thenPg 241 he was far indeed from guessing its true significance

One thing however he was sure of the cellar was close to the sea for the sharp acrid tang of the salt water mingled with the damp decaying odor of the place like a healthy wholesome influence in a feverstricken hospital ward

His survey completed Herc sank back on his pile of old sails to think matters over further Not that he felt that there was really anything to be considered save the fact that he was helpless and must depend upon outside aid for escaping from his predicament

But no outside aid he knew was likely to reach him there He wondered what was going to become of him Since he had taken that plunge through the suddenly opened trap he had heard nothing from above no trample of feet no sound of voices

Was it possible that those in the house had deserted it precipitately and had left him therePg 242 to perish miserably like a rat in a hole The thought chilled the hot blood in his veins and started the cold perspiration on his forehead Herc was no coward but the thought of facing death alone in that dark dank hole might have unmanned many a sterner soul than he

In his despair at the thought that he had been abandoned to his fate Herc set up shout upon shout But after a time he stopped this as being a useless waste of strength which it behooved him to husband for he knew not what emergency Herc was not a lad given to beating about the bush He faced the bald facts as he found them and in the present situation he was unable to discover one crumb of comfort

Then too what Kenworth had said about Ned kept recurring to his mind with disquieting effect He could not bring himself to believe that Ned was as the midshipman had said dead at the bottom of the Sound but nevertheless thePg 243 idea kept repeating itself over and over in his mind dishearteningly

What a fool I was ever to come in here at all he muttered to himself bitterly It all comes of following my nose Every time I do it I land in troublebut this is just about the worst ever I wonder

He broke off short in his half spoken meditations

A sudden sound had arrested his attention At first he could not identify it and then suddenly he realized what it was The tinkle of running water Water was coming into the cellar from somewhere

Ned stretched out his fingers for his matchbox which he had placed near to him and struck a light As the lucifer flared up an exclamation of dismay broke from the Dreadnought Boys lips

Good gracious

Over the floor of the cellar a thin layer ofPg 244 water perhaps an inch deep had spread like a liquid carpet It had not yet reached Herc on his pile of sails but even while the match burned he could see that the water was rising

Chilled with a nameless dread he struck another match This time he saw where the water was coming from It was flowing in from an ironbarred vent near the floor of the place which had escaped him on his previous survey

At the same instant Herc thought of the green stain on the cellar walls that regular line of demarcation limned with greenish waterweed

Then like a thunderclap the hideous truth burst upon him The cellar was below the water level and the water flowing into it was tidal It came from the sea and rose till it reached that regular highwater mark he had noticed on the cellar wall

As he realized all this a shout of terror broke despite himself from Hercs lips Was this to be his fate his destiny to perish in this darkPg 245 hidden place beneath the waters of the incoming tide

Help he shouted at the top pitch of his lungs Help

But the lapping of the water as it slowly and remorselessly rose was the only reply to his wild outburst
At length the confusion and uproar in the hold of Captain Briggs schooner died away The work of unloading the craft was completed

Ned glanced at his watch It was close on midnight He wondered if now that the schooner had been emptied of her secret cargo his hour of release had come

But apparently it was no part of Captain Briggss plan to set his prisoner at liberty just then At any rate nobody came near Ned

He felt strangely lonely now that the tumult had died out to be succeeded by a deathlike stillness But after a time during which he sought in vain for a lamp to light up the cabin Ned was able to distinguish some sounds that broke the silence

Pg 247

The sounds were nasal and were in three keys In fact it did not take Ned long to distinguish in his own mind the loud snoring of Captain Briggs from the gruntings and snortings of his crew

The night was warm and they were plainly enough taking their rest on deck after the arduous labors of the night Inasmuch as the schooner lay in a lonely cove out of the path of navigation it was also evident that Captain Briggs had not bothered to set a bright watch

Now is my chance thought Ned if only I could figure on some way of getting out of this coop

He sat on the transom a while buried in thought He was revolving in his mind the strange events of the last twentyfour hours and the possible effect they would have upon his future

Well did Ned know that his absence from his ship must have been noticed by this time HePg 248 wondered what Commander Dunham was thinking He speculated and the thought was not a pleasant one on the chances of his being deemed derelict to his duty and being supplanted by someone else

The Dreadnought Boy knew the iron rules of the navy laws as inflexible as those of the Medes and Persians He might be deprived of his temporary commission without even a chance to explain all that had happened One thought cheered him Come what might he at least had safe within his pocket the book of plans by which Kenworth and Saki set such store

He hoped that if the worst came to the worst the signal service he had rendered his country in redeeming these from the desperate s of the spy and the renegade would at least plead some extenuation for him

Confound that old shellback of a Briggs growled Ned to himself if it hadnt been forPg 249 him I
GalileoStarP led solar ligh outdoor,solar lighted chriss trees